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i dont understand the quotes that say this crap about how when a girl comes to school with makeup and dresses nice for that one guy that she is head over heels in love with and he never says anything, but when she comes to school looking lk she just rolled out of bed the guy says she looks beautiful...quiet honestly, if i went to school like that my boyfriend wouldnt come up to me and tell me i looked amazing i mean i dont wear makeup but come on, i dont think thats ever happened.

any1 agree?
lazy with colorss

i love youu
but i know i shouldn't
      i do anyway

r u saying that that we should be together or the other way around but i know that in my heart there will always beroom for u
hope the dream will come ture by vanessa
Stay true to yourself.
because there are very few people that will stay true to you

 Today i realized that my bestfriend
has a new

Sorry for the jock!

There are points when I can't stand him.
There are points when I can't bare to let him go.
Sometimes I can't look at his face because,
I know I'll fall in love even harder than I did the first time.

A convo. between me and one of my friends :)

i dropped a ghost marshmello!!
[23:33] me: and I sqooshed it!
[23:34] randall: omfg kaity
[23:34] me:
[23:34] me: hes dead and on my floor!
[23:35] me: what do i do?
[23:35] randall: funeral
[23:35] me: call 9-1-g-h-o-s-t?
[23:36] randall: yes
[23:36] me: ahh they put me on hold
[23:36] randall: damn
[23:36] me: he has goosy sticky stuff coming out of him!
[23:38] me: randall, I am no longer on hold but i can't understand what they are saying because they are OoOoing
[23:41] me: what do I do????!?!?
[23:41] randall: i'm not sure kaity i'm not a doctor
[23:42] me: or are you?
[23:42] randall: idk am i?
[23:42] me: yes, i think so.
[23:44] me: doctor randall, what do I do?
[23:45] me: feed him to the dog?
[23:45] m: possibly?
[23:45] randall: good idea
[23:45] randall: that'll teach him for being a piece of crap
[23:46] me: okay I shall do that be right back while I get a fly swatter to make sure hes dead and a napkin so I dont have to touch hum
[23:47] me: him((
[23:47] me: himmmm******
[23:47] randall: okay
[23:47] me: back
[23:48] me:so heres the news the dog greatly appreshiated that but the bad news the ghost was still alive so i gave him to the dog half way and he tore his head off.

^that ought to teach that marshmello!                                                            hah real convo. Oct.31 around 11:33ish

                                                                                                                               I love that kid he always makes me laugh!
 Standing out in the rain, i need to know if its over.
becuase I will leave you alone.
flooded with all this pain;; knowin i'll never hold her.
Like I did; Before the storm.
He just broke up with her,
my best friend,
the thing is..
i always know how to make her feel better
but this time i dont, see i haven't had that many
boyfriends, so i never really got my heart broken,
so what do i tell her?


                         I hate how she comes to me saying her life sucks even though...
                                                     She gets every guy
                                                     Gets whatever she wants
                                                     Rich as a celebrity
                                                     Liked by everyone


                                   When I'm not even close to any of that

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