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             You Don't Have The Slightest Clue.

                   What It Means To Talk To You.

                                   When You Hug Her

                                                                    It Hurts My Heart

                                                        To Even Look At You.


But We'll All Find Someone.
 i just love him... (:

to every laugh -->
but I don't want to go there

And Dreaming,
of silly things;;
Such as love.
Dear Santa,
   ///   I'd like to change my Christmas list
   There's       one       big       thing       I       missed
   Y o u  s e e ,          m y  d a d d y ' s  w o r k i n g
  far           away           from           here
 And  you  know,  Santa,  I  asked  for  a
 Barbie doll   &   a brand new soccer ball
   But I'd trade it all,    for just one gift this year
 B r i n g    h i m    h o m e ,    S a n t a
  Bring      him      home      to      Mom      &      me
   Let  us  wake  up  Christmas  morning,           and  find  him
 s t a n d i n g      b y      o u r      t r  e e
You can pick him up on your way    \\\\\\
  He could ride there in your sleigh   ]

Who's -->THAT<-- girl?
Where's she from?
No, she can't be [the one] that you want,
[the one] that has stolen ourworld..
**whO's that<--GiRLliving MY life??***

They say L.O.V.E
is the  c l o s e s t   thing
we have to magic
but be careful;
Magic is just an illusion..

Who cares if i dont look like her?
not          everyone          thinks          shes          pretty

Who cares what she wears?
some       people       dont       like       her       style

Who cares how she talks?
i            dont            like            her            accent

Who cares if she has your heart?
oh                i                forgot,                i                do

You Must Be Blind
Even A Blind Man Can See That
I'm Crazy About You!!
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