Quotes added on Tuesday, November 3 2009

These are the years
when you figure out who your real friends are.
And its the best friend
that met me 8 months ago that knows me the best.
(and he's a dude!)
 maybe I'm foolish, or a little too childish.
maybe I'm not girly and my hair isn't twirly.
sometimes I don't smile and I can't run a mile.
some wish I was <quiet>, I should  go on a diet.
my heart can break in two,

and I wouldn't change a thing for you
+&You'll remember me
as the girl who stood up to you, because she wasn't afriad.

its not pretty, i know, mine though,

+&I cant help but think about you
 does anybody even actually like hollister?
Light me up, put me on top
lets fa la la la la
The only place you'll want to be
is under neath my christmas tree.
Ho Ho Ho,under the misel toe,
every one knows we will take off our clothes.

Lady Gaga, Christmas Tree ft. Space Cowboy
so many days i walked around with that note in my pocket..
the note i was going to give to you
the note that told you EXACTLY how i felt about you
the note that told you how much i loved you
too bad i never gave it to you ..
soo now as this tear falls down my cheek
i think to myself ..
"its all your fault .. you should have told him ..
now hes with her and you dont have anything"
stupid heart .. why do u have to love him ? 





You turn my soft-ware into
you're a little late for a hello..    
   but you can have a goodbye.
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