Quotes added on Wednesday, November 4 2009

&& boy... you had plenty of chances
its not my fault you blew them all. sorry, but its time,
I'M   x   DONE   x   WITH   x   YOU   x   AND   X   YOUR   X    LIES.
your out of luck, i guess this will be the last goodbye.

seeing you with my best friend.

       The City is sleeping & I'm still awake.
I'm dreaming about how I used to be in your arms,
How I felt so safe, so peaceful.
Now all of that is gone, and so is who I used to be.
I've lost so much because of you.
I lost my friends, my happiness, my faith.
Thank you, so much.
I blame you.

and   when   you   look   back   and   realize,
'damn,    he    actually    loved    me,'
guess who won't be there?

credit   to   s wimchickk99

ou ask me if im tired
my                                 response

but       really,       i       cant       keep       my       eyes       open 

but all i wanna do is talk to you
I'm just another wide-eyed girl, who's desperately in love with you.
you know what sucks?

at the beginning of the year i said i hated him.

and now, i think i'm falling in love.
One word
One look
One walk on by

Your silence speaks to me tonight
A question that I know the answer to
An answer that I need to hear from you
But I can't take this anymore

love this song!
fav if you like (:
One of the hardest things in life is
watching the person you love,
love someone else.
 for all the nights that I sat and cried,
you owe me an

a p o l o g y .

song lyric by Christina Marie 
find her on YouTube. (:
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