Quotes added on Thursday, November 5 2009

I love green
so does he
i love music
so does he
i love him
&he doesnt love me</3

but                   i                   miss                   seeing                   mine                    even                   more

love it ;;
but it
frustrates me
sometimes !!

venting ;; my ipod is outsmarting me :/

still  kick  the  shower  curtain
when   I   go   to   the   bathroom
just    to    make    sure    no    one
don't you hate how...
you find the perfect guy ;;
then you try to be his friend ;;
then you guys are friends ;;
then he plays with your mind ;;
then he starts dating your best friend ;;

venting... i dont know if this has happened to anyone else ;; but it sucks :/
lazy with colors but... whatever.
i need help !

so im in love with this guy named cameron ;;
but my best friend likes me ;;
do i go out with my friend ;;
or continue with cameron ?
ive been with cameron for 2 1/2 years ;;
weve been dating since 7 grade ;;
and its amazing ;;
he moved to another state though ;;
and now i only get to see him every 4 weeks ;;

help please ? comment on my page or on hereee !!
i know you dont want my apologies. But im sorry anyway. I'm sorry that you couldnt accept how much i really cared about you. Im sorry that you dont realize im the only one who really wanted to be with you forever. Im sorry that i got jealous when you talked to other girls.. its just because i loved you..& i didnt want you to be with anyone but me. Im sorry that i can be too sarcastic sometimes. Im sorry that you take things too seriously most of the time. Im sorry that i say im sorry too much. But im not sorry that i fell in love with you,because i dont want to apologize for how i felt. Im not sorry for the butterflies i got in my stomach when you kissed me. Im not sorry thati cried over you. Im not sorry that you were everything i've ever wanted. Im not sorry for giving you too many second chances when you clearly didnt deserve them. & im not sorry for trying to make you understand that im completely in love with you , & i just want you back .. because it's breaking me apart. </3

It's just to little, to late.

wish you could look into my eyes.
 i wish you could see what i see.
you could see how much i love
you. how much i'd die just to know
what you're thinking of me and you.
i just want to be with you. you're not
 like those other guys. you arent like
the ones who have let me down.
you dont push me away. was this
  meant to be? ----------> you tell me.
 i wish you could look into my eyes.

This love I feel runs deep inside,
With you I never have to hide,
You wrap your arms around me tight,
And I never have to feel the need to be in fright,
I love you more than I can say,
The love i have grows on as i live.

As we get closer each and everyday,
I think about that book I read,
The one where they had the perfect life,
The one where they were the perfect couple,
They lived happily until the end,
I want the same with you.

You make me feel so alive and real,
I want to tell them how I feel,
I want to tell them how it is to be,
In love with a person like you.
You make me want to scream it out,
And tell the world what love's all about.

But really I just want you to know,
that I will always love you,
Even when were mad,
And at times when it's just really bad,
I'll say those three words to make it right,
So you can stay and hold me tight<3..
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