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                 I could get so                                   off of your kisses.          
truth is everyone is going to hurt you,
you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

-bob marley
when words fail;
music speaks.9
High School;;
i.e the years where you lose those certain friends.
it only exists in fairy tales.
did any one else ever wonder what happened to the princesses who's stories didnt end with Happily Ever After?
if you're not worth his
he's not worth your

I crowded my mind with memories of the living Leonard
and flooded them in a light so
☆  absolutely bright 
tragedy  didn't stand a chance.

&& Sometimes when i'm walkin' next to you on the way back to school I still wonder:

Does my World of Warcraft character still die in your dreams?

all mine. sorry if its a bit plain.

It's like i've waited my whole life, for this one night. It's gunna be me, you and the dancefloor. Cause we only got one night. Double your pleasure, double your fun. And dance forever.

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