Quotes added on Monday, November 9 2009

It's only my favorite class
--cause your in it<3

your'e *** like
the toy in a Happy Meal - - -
  the           best          part

  being         someone      im        not
  if   you   don't   like  the   real  me
GET                  OVER                       IT .
I <3 him!!!!!!!!!!!!

your the "replay" of my "love games"
but i know your "already gone"
i know "whatcha say" is gonna be "better days"
and "i gotta a feeling" that "you belong with me"
i am not "obbsessed" but your the "best i ever had"
"im living for the night" where "good girls go bad"
so "runaway" and "meet me halfway"
im "love drunk" and "this sounds like life to me"
"who says" you cant have "sweet dreams"
I Just Want Someone To Like Me For Me.
Is That To Much To Ask?

&+___I Really Don't Know What I Was Thinking.
Never In A Mill io n Years
did i think i could find someone like you.

I Thought This Is What I Wanted
turns out i don't want this anymore.
I Decided Im Gonna Get Over You
no    matter     how  hard     it       is
then             i             saw           you
and im back to loving you again
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