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 when i first saw you
i was afraid to meet you
when i first met you
i was afraid to hold you
when i first held you
i was afraid to kiss you
when i first kissed you
i was afraid to love you
when i loved you
& i was so afraid to lose you.. 
my dreams and
wishes are there to
stay dreams and
wishes... nothing
more...fro if they
were true i would
have you...♥

I can't catch my breath
'Cause you take it away
but if for some strange reason,
I manage to breathe normally again,
I would use that time to say

Shut up
& r u n .


credit for edit... been board lately so request if you wish 
"cry a river, build a bridge and get over it" thats what my friend told me. then, once i finished crying the river and started to build the bridge.............my friend said i should really talk to him. and now, my bridge is destroyed and my river is completely dry...........  :'(

awesome bridge and river huh? haha!!!

*just venting as usual*
if i have the gift of prophecy
and can fathom all mysteries
and all knowledge. and if i have
a faith that can move
[mountains] but have not
love. i am nothing.
Most of you who care
about people "jocking" your quote
didn't come up with the original quote yourself anyways.
So let's live in peace.
and not act like third graders.

the first time you fall in love..
it changes your life  FOREVER<3
& no matter how hard you try
the feeling never goes away
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