Quotes added on Saturday, November 14 2009

number two pencil, 
you're number one to
me (:

~ making fienddsss (:

he's naughty... i like it

All i Need;;

He said " I love you with all my heart, sleep good, night babe i love you "
Its all i need(:

True;; really happened to me today<33
Love him so muchhhh!(:

       time is tickling on, and soon
            we must be gone.

        shoot for the moon, if you  miss,
    you'll land  amongs the other stars.

i love how his muscles are rock hard...when he's not flexing :)
dont worry....your not fat..
you just look fat

haha...megan,  just so u no that is not a compliment, even if your trying really hard to be nice

The day that changed everything,
was the day
I met you

                               frankly my dear,
             i dont give a damn.

its hatred that breaks a person down
its loneliness that tears a person apart
its pain that hurts a person
its words that a person will always feel insecure
its glances saying "im-talking-bout-you" that makes a person want to cry
its jokes a person was left out of
its trust between two people that has vanished
its loss that keeps a person up all night
its the feeling when they dont invite a person to their party

its called losing your best friends

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