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ed a la y o u t? We l l
e q u e s t o n e!!
Wi th iwas l i k e w o a h l a y o u t s

What it means:
Kiss on the cheek: i don't wanna push things
Kiss on the hand: I don't know what i would do w/o you
Kiss on the lips: your my everything
Holding hands: i never ever wanna let go of you
Hand on your thigh: What would he do w/o you?
Hugs you everyday: he misses you when your not there

repost this in 20 min. and the one you love will either ask you out or kiss oyu in the next 5 days

D o  I  h a v e  t o  s p e l l  i t  o u t  f o r  y o u ,
or scream it in your face?
The chemistry bewteen us boy,
can destroy this place..

not mine, whtvrr.

1. How old are you? 13

2. Do you think you've ever been in love?  doubt it...i'm only 13

3. How many guys have you said "i love you" to?  2

4. Have you ever told a guy you loved him and not meant it? nooo

5. How old were you when you had your first kiss? 12

6. Have you ever fallen for your best guy friend? nope...he's my bff's boyfriend

 7. Have you ever used one guy to make another guy jealous? nopee

8. If you really thought you were in love with your best friend's ex, would you date him even if it wasn't okay with her?idkk

9. Hoes before Bros? deff

10. Have you ever asked a guy out? mhm

11. When it comes to looks, you prefer guys with what color hair? doesn't matter

12. Eyes? bluee or brownn

13. What body type do you look for in a guy? [ex: tall and skinny, short, chubby, muscular..ect] skinny and athletic

14. Hmm okay forget the looks now. Name five qualities you look for in a boyfriend. hott, nicee, funny, outgoingg, athletic

15. Group dates or just the two of you? justt thee two of uss

16. What type of guy really catches your eye? [ex: Jock, country, emo, brainy type, ect.] jockk

17. Ever had a broken heart? mhm

18. Celebrity crush? not suree

19. Have you ever turned down a really sweet guy that you liked, because of his looks, or because you were embarrassed to be seen with him? nopee

20. Do you wish you had a second chance with any guy? i gott my 4th chancee with himm now

21. What's your idea of a perfect date? justt the 2 of uss and just hangingg

22. Do you beleive in love at first sight? yesss

23. Do you think people can stop loving eachother? iff it wass true lovee than noooo

24. Have you ever stayed in a relationship with a guy you weren't sure you really liked? nooo

25. Could you imagine dating your best guy friend? nooo

26. Your best friend broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years last month. She's moved on. Is it okay to date her ex? nooo

27. Should the guy always pay for the date? nooo

28. What's the biggest turn on? [ex: good with kids, athletic, good cook ect.] athletic

29. Do your parents usually approve of your boyfriends? mhm

30. Favorite romance movie? idkk i don't watchh romance moviess

31. Would you rather have a relationship like Romeo and Juliet, or Noah and Allie? idkk

32. In your oppinion, can a guy have a really close friend that's a girl, without liking her as a girlfriend? mhm

33. Musically Talented or Football Star? football starr

34. Is marriage and kids something you look forward to when you're older?'i guess

35. Have you already thought of names for your children? nooo

36. What did you think of this survey? good timee cruncherr

37. If enough people were interested, would you take another survey on a different subject? suree
a behaved women rarley makes history
-marlyn monroe*
 & she loves him so much! and he keeps telling her about other girls !!! 

sorry its not pretty but some people don't care and right now i dont care about anything
Out of My Mind:

back in 5 minutes

Am I mad at you?
That's your main concern after shattering my whole world?
 Mad for what? Breaking my heart? Or for all the lies?
Maybe for letting me put all my trust in you only to be betrayed?
How about the fact you didn't even have the decency to tell me to my face?
Or the way you think it's crazy that I'm crying over it cause to you breaking up is no big deal.
Am I mad at you?... no.
More like crushed... did I ever really know you?

This quote does not exist.
Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?

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