Quotes added on Monday, November 16 2009

Love is a fine thing while it lasts, but rarely is it permanent.

You told me you were done playing this game and took my
heart away

I knew i could never feel the same about you again

But when i see you i always want to fall
into your arms...

nd then i remember that you wont be their to catch me
i didnt forget how much i love you.
And last night,

You, me and our friend walked around the garden
We talked about the most randomest things
And had our own "paranormal hunt".
And then we 3 got tired,
And sat by the lake, watching
The stars brightening the dark sky
And that was when
We all saw the shooting star(:
I know you made a wish and I made one too.
I turned to look at you
And at that very moment,
You tu
rned to look at me too.
The way the lights reflect your eye,
And the way the night breeze blows your hair.
It made my heart race and I turned away.
Oh how I wish the wish you made
Was about me
And not her~~

Sorry its colorless. I just feel so down right now </3

if you're the bird .
whenever we pretend it's summer,
then i'm the worm.
i know the part it's such a bummer,
but fair is fair .
if my segments get seperated i'll scream
and you'll be there

The shittiest part about all of this is
I  could  understand  it  if  you  were  perfect  and  didn't
know I existed. But you're a total trainwreck, you disagree with
everything, you let me down constantly, you blow me off, and
you probably lie about  most   of    the  things you say to me,
yet I  would  still  chose  you  over  prince  charming  anyday.
But you don't even seem to care.
Nobody can ever
replace you

i'm going to deal with everything like it's nothing;

i'm going to smile through the tears


laugh through my

now im that biiitchh , youll never get to - uhh =X
cant get what you want so your actin' like a punk ..
you were " too fly " then , so fly away now .. now im
that biiiitchh & your juss a clown ((=
- livvi franc *

lazy w/colors , make it pretty :) fav / comment ?
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