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cant just head into a realationship

h e a d            __             f i r s t
 not   care   about   youself
(    you    have    to    have    respect    for    yourself    )

The smile upon your face,
that no one can replace,
the warmth that i feel,
can't possibly be real'
the random things you say,
make me laugh thru out the day,
if i were to live forever,
it wouldn't mean a thing, 
unless we are together!
i (L) HIM <3
Love isn't about
loving the perfect person,
it's about loving the unperfect
person perfectly <3
Do what makes you h a p p y
Be with who makes you ---------> sxmxixlxe
Laugh as much as you breathe
Love as long as you

im sorry if this quote is already on here. 
I just saw it and thought it was cool. 


unless you've got a time machine in your binder, honey,
you're not gonna change your past.  ///  you can plan the
future as much as you want, but you can't actually « do »
          anything until the future        becomes the present.         
   today is all --we-- have.  
peaceinpieces :)

My Heart Is Taken

I Love Him
Hes Loves Me
End Of Story

Top 10 Resons Why Your Aires

1. Your Opinion Is Always Out There
2. Your Motto - Adventures Are Us
3. You Love Fast Food
4. Your Never Boring
5. You Have Made A Great Pioneer
6. Oh! That Temper
7. Always Want To Be First In Line
8. You Leep Before You Look
9. Passionate, Passionate, Passionate
10. You Were Born Under The Ram :)

she's acting happy, thinking,
"i hope he doesnt see,
the hurt in my eyes."
he's watching her, thinking,
"she seems happy without me,
damn, i miss her."

Mine .
- NotYours_x
& it's ironic isn't it?
we hurt the ones who love us.
we love the ones who hurt us.
ignore the ones that adore us,
& adore the ones who ignore us.

*so true. completely mine, i'm so proud,lol (:

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