Quotes added on Tuesday, November 24 2009

the walls will tumble the walls will tumble, but im not gonna cry.
my heart wont crumble, my heart wont crumble, if we ever say goodbye

hilary duff(:
 this is the coolest hand shake ever with the thanks to spongebob and evan!

The hand $hake
 Raveoli raveoli meetball spaghetti stir the soup pop your collar
eat it with a spoon!

Made by the coolest people ever


So today I was talking to the guy I like about music. I asked him if he's ever heard "The Point" by Eatmewhileimhot. He said no, then added "it sounds more like a potbellys commerical than the name of a band if you ask me." I love that kid (:
is it [possible] to love someone so much, and still hate them with ALL of your heart?

 Its one of those
taylor swift kinda nights,

you knoww, the ones,
where you listen to her songs
all night long, 
and are happpy someone knows
what you feel

Boy, sometimes i just wish you could read my mind,
i wish you could see the way i really feel about youu.
but truth is, your just 
clueless. luckky me!

 Today was a great accomplishment,
i learned how to use the codes!
but know ive been online all day!
i should get a lifee!


the word of the day
is legs
lets go back to my house
and spread the word
colour the music

meet me in
{[t hp o u r i n g  r a i n]}
~kiss me on the sidewalk~
take away the pain

lyric credit to Taylor Swift (it's Sparks Fly, btw.)
edit credit to moi :]

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