Quotes added on Wednesday, November 25 2009

 Don't get online and talk to me
[  don't   get   my   hopes   up;;
make   me   think   you   really   wanna   talk   to   me

and then just log off
Is it worth it ?
Torturing myself every single day by listening to that one song ?
That song that I play every single time I'm listening to music .
The one that replays over and over again in my mind every second of the day .
The song that always reminded us of each other .
The song that  a l w a y s  brought tears / to / our / eyes because it made us think of how much we cared about each other.
Do you remember that song ?
I do .
But for you , it's just a song .
It's {[nothing special]} .
& you never think of us when you hear it 
because you don't care about us ,
and you never will .
I'm just a distant , fading memory --
just like that song

Your Guardian Angel
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
swing like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.
not minee.
sally-where did you come from?

cat-when a mommy cat and a daddy cat love each other very much, they decide

sally and conrad-NO!!!

the cat and the hat

           go on say it

                        you know you want to

They all say Im to young to actually love someone.
And yes i am still just a kid.
But how else can u explain the feelings i get around him.
His smile just gets me every time.
I wish i could just re-hear his laugh over and over again.
He is the only reason i get up in the morning.
I dont care what they say.
I love him<3


hey guys, 
 i have been asked about my new baby<3
i don't know anything about him/her yet!
some of my ideas...
kiley, hailey, brooke, maggie, annie, or caitlin
chris, liam, mark, bobby, zach, or conner
And isn't it sad
that you stare at him and his new girlfriend
because even though it breaks your heart
you're too much in love with him to look

Mineee :)
&& Now I knoww
why you chose the girl with the
jacked up teeth
because it's me that you're forcing
to put on the pretty smile
and pretend like everything's ok

Mineee :)
did you ever wonder
if maybe guys dont like 
justin bieber
because all the girls
are obsessed with him
instead of them?
silly boys(:
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