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oh damn , i'd hit that...

not sure if its on here .
credit (:
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Team Jacob
becuase he’s half naked most of the time.

I love you.
I love you with everything I've got. No one understands
how strong my feelings are towards you are, it's insane.
Words can't explain what you mean to me. I can never
get you off my mind. Your the only person who truely matters
to me. Your the only person who I know I can trust. Your the
shoulder I cry on. You help me with everything, I know I can
tell you anything. You actually understand the person I am.
You know everything about me, & never once have you judged
me for the things that have happened. I love the way you talk
to me, I love the way you hug me, I love the way you kiss me,
I love everything you do. I love you.<3

from my hearttt, true, ive waited for thiss kkid for 2 yearss. uugh,<3
And One Weekend
Me and You Are
Talking C o n s t a n t l y
Once Monday Hits
I Don't Hear A n o t h e r Word
From Youhh...

heyy, you. (:
so, i wanted to know if anyone wanted me to write & edit a quote for them?
it can be any topicc. [ love, breaking up, heartbroken, in love, best friends, ect. ]
just give me a topic, & let me know kinda what you want it to be aboout & stuff.
so, yeah.
:D request, request, request.
comment this, or leave a comment on my profilee. [:

awhite. <3

You and I, we do the worst things
Do or die, we both b r e a k  h e a r t s <//3

Do Or Die ; Forever the Sickest Kids

- Julie <3

I cant imagine my life without you.

Lets Get Freaky Now
Lets Get Fucken Freaky Now

&+ no one would believe her when she said
<*♥"he's the one."♥*>

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