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name 20 people 10 boys and 10 girls. then answer the questions below! DNT LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS WEN YOUR FILLING IN THE NAMES ITS WAY

7.Emily p.
8.Sara F.
9.Katie D.
3.Dylan a.
4.Dylan c.
5.Dylan m.
7.Stephen kaz
8.Stephen c.
9. Max
10.Jayson R.

Could you live with girl #1 ? Are they a good enough friend? Or would you kill eachother?
yeah. it might get bad after a while. but yeah we would do okay together.

Rate Number guy # 2 :

Rate number girl # 5 

Would guy #10 go good with girl # 6?
haha... NO. but it would be funny

would you EVER date guy #8 if they asked you out?
hmm. maybe

iS number #7 boy and girl GOOD friends?
not that i know of

Who do you think would make the best couple? pick a girl number and a boy number, and type their name next to the number. [ they can be already dating, but if they are choose another 2 that arent dating, that would make a cute couple]: 
boy#6 Joe... and girl#2 Marisa

Who is the cutest guy on your list? [ if you are dating them, you have to choose someone you AREN'T dating] : 

Which 2 girls on your list ARE YOUR BESTEST friends?:
1 and.. hmm.. 2 or 3

If you had to choose,which 2 guys on your list are YOUR BESTEST FRIEND?: 
1 and 2... definatly

Mae && Coco 4 Evez <333

Oh him?
That boy over there?
The boy who broke my heart, not once, but twice?
The very same boy who told me he loved me, so much it scared him?
That boy who played me, and then tryed to cover it up, by saying he truely cared about me?
Oh yeah that boy, yeah I guess I knew him.


Imperfection is Beauty
Madness is Genius
&& the it's better to be
Absolutely Ridiculous
is to be Positively Boring
*&& is it strange to say what i dont mean?
I say it's through when really I can't, & I'm still in love
Or when I say leave when all i really want is you to be holding me & never ever let go
Or how i say when I'm angry I hate you when all I wanna do is cry and say I'm madly in love with you??
& how all I need is you but I just go on to someone else to make you jealous when you dont even notice?
I'm just a girl who doesnt know what she wants and I'm young and trying to find someone to be and a place to go.
So dont leave just stay I watched with tears in my eyes as you looked away I miss you, your voice, and your touch and If i told you I loved you could that be enough?
So here's all the words I didnt say that I need you to know.

HE   WAS   ALWAYS          
   "  RUN     AWAY     //          
   \\    HIT  THE  ROAD           
DON'T    COMMIT  "           
YOU'RE    __   FULL           
O F    S H I T    ///   ♥           

 no words could ever tell you
how much she's ever gone through.
the way she screams inside
but all she really does is hide.
everything around her goes too fast
nothing good ever lasts.
the pain is too much to bare
it's everywhere.
she knows she has to stay strong
telling herself the pain won't last long.
she wants to cry every day
she's afraid of what some people might say.
and when she feels that moment's embrace,
she just keeps that half-hearted smile on her face.


all mineee.
just what came to mind
at the moment.
believe it or not --- its :.true.:
beauty comes in all sizes --
not just a 2.


a heart can only take so much,

before someone...


- - - - -
cuts the line


if you can't leave this
[p a t h e t i c]
excuse for a town
that holds all your memories
a life time of crushes
your broken dreams. 

BigCityDreams - Never Shout Never <3
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