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I stayed up till 2:30 in the morning thinking of what to say to you monday morning....... the next day I totally clam up and get all shy..you look at me and say why do look so tired.. i say o i guess cause its just another monday morning and as I wlk away I think o nice of you to notice how tired you made me!
Our Conversations,
Our laugh

ME: i want to be one of those old lady who are deeply in love with their husbands and their husbands feel the same back. and they never fight or anything
but we both no that won't happen (;

Friend: same heree!! like the adorable cute old couples celebrating there like 40th anniversary

Me: yes exactly. like why can't our guys be like that?


Friend :ugh cause they suck at lifee.

<stupid stupid boys>

mine mine mine (; <3

 Leaning in, he kissed her softly on the lips
and she was suddenly certain that she
wanted nothing more than to spend
hours wrapped in his arms
just like this

The Last Song
He whispers in my ear softly. "I love you." 
His hot breath sending shivers down my spine.
Can it be true, do you love me like you say you do?
He grabs my hand.. His touch.. Ah melts my heart so.
He kisses my cheek.. Mmm his lips so soft,
I blush like I've never been kissed there before.
He says. "I love you." again.
"I love you too." i whisper..<3
WARNING:A dwarf psychic has escaped from prison.... police say there's a Small Medium at Large!!!
Tell him you gotta go,
and then wait to see
if he gets offline after
you go hidden. and smile
because then you know
that he was only on to
talk to you, or have
gotten disappointed
because he didn't get
off when you "got off"
meaning he didn't
care that much when
talking to you anyway.
listen        to        her       secrets.        take        her      out        to        dinner.
call    her    first  label    her    as    yours.
understand         her        feelings.        tell        her       shes        gorgeous.
write      her     a     song.     talk     to     her     like     a     human      being.
ask       her      to      dance.      never      imagine      life     without     her.
kiss       her     in     the     rain.       hold      her      hand      at       anytime.
pass       her       love        letters.       never        forget      her      birthday.
tell   her  shes  always  right. be  her  escape.
tell    her     this     is     a      fairytale.    give     her     gummy      worms.
remember      her    favorite   colors.    hold   her    books    in      school.
give      her   hugs   and    kisses.    show    her   off   to   your     friends.
hold        her     hand     just     because.     treat     her     like     a       star.
dream  about  her.   tell  her  shes  nifty.
say she has the key to your heart. watch her walk home-so shes safe.
play   her  favorite  game. have  a  song  that  reminds  you  of her.
kiss    her    on    the    forehead.    dance     like     retards     together.
stay together forever....let love last <3

**total creditt: kaliiann
just wanted to save for myself(:

 life is to short.
grudges are a waste of perfect happiness
laugh when you can
apologize when needed

and let go of what you cant change
love deeply and forgive quickly
take chances; give everything
and have no regrets

life is too short to be unhappy
you have to take the good with the bad
smile when your sad
love what you got

and always remember what you had
always forgive but never forget
learn from your mistakes
but never regret

people change and things go wrong
but always remember

Life Goes On
mine(; lazy with colors

is like the wind

you can't see it

but you can feel it

Did you know that when someone annoys you, it takes forty-two muscles to frown...
 But... it only takes four muscles to extend your arm out and smack'em in the head
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