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Your Not Alone;;
ogether we stand
i'll be by your side
you know i'll take your hand

(( keep holding on - avril lavigne
meant to be will work out perfectly

Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne.

so i found out some things to do in class when you are really, REALLY bored.

1.Speak in improper English like ain’t, and when the teacher corrects, nod like you understand and continue to speak improperly. 
2. Randomly get out of your seat and sit on the floor.
3. When it is very quiet, raise your hand and insist it is too loud. 
4. If the person next to you is quiet, turn and inform them that they are distracting you. 
5. When the teacher calls on you to answer the question, answer `Two ’ 
6. Randomly raise your hand and say “The answer is three ” 
7. Give your teacher a note that uses improper English and misspelled words. Have the note insisting that you are `the most bestest’ in the class and demand to be moved up. 
8. During a test, tell the teachers `the voices’ are making you cheat 
9. Color red dots all over your arm and show the teacher, and tell her/him that you are allergic to School. 
10. Talk about the road kill squirrel you saw on your way to school. Say that it is your dinner. Talk in a redneck voice. 
11. Take out sock puppets and play with them, and occasionally have them grab your classmate’s hair. When the teacher looks, keep the sock on your hand and point to your classmate and tell the teacher that the classmate is attacking you with puppets 
12. If your teacher walks around the room during the test, cover your test and glare at them suspiciously. 
13. If your teacher walks around the room during a test, raise your hand and tell the teacher that they are cheating off you. 
14. When the teacher calls on you to answer a question, talk in a creepy voice and say `I’ll never tell’ and a few questions later raise your hand and ask why you haven’t been allowed to answer a question yet. 
Ask to go to the bathroom. Stay in your seat, and when asked if you are going, say `I just did’ 
16. Raise your hand and point to a person on the other side of the room. Insist that that person is cheating off you. 
17. Say that someone across the room is using their telepathic (mind-reading) abilities to cheat off of you. 
18. Ask to go to the bathroom. Get up and walk into the wall. Furrow your brow, glare at the wall and walk into it again. Smile sheepishly and then walk out the door. 
19. When coming back from bathroom, walk through the door. Then ask how you got there. 
20. Raise your hand and ask if you can be excused to skip class. 
21. Meow and bark occasionally.
not mine but its mad funny...dont feel the need to fave
Life goes on &&
We cant stop it.
When It Gets Cold,
its feels like the end
theres no place to go, you know i wont give in.

keep holding on - avril lavigne

It's 4:03
And I can't sleep without you next to me. I toss and turn like the sea.
If I drown tonight, bring me back to life. Breathe your breath in me.
The only thing that I still believe in is you, if you
only knew...

*If you only knew- Shinedown

It drags you in
like a whirlpool
u know hes gonna break your heart
but somehow you keep coming back
It makes life worth living for
but sometimes livings not enough
How can one little word
mean so much?
They come when ur taken
and leave when ur single
Love me,
I dare you.
 i miss you
i miss us
and all our memories.
i miss the laughs

the crazy thought
the unlimited love:}

i wish we could go back to that
 and i could be their to guide you and help you though it.

but i can't because even tho it doesn't feel right losing you
it doesnt feel right trying to win you back

i miss the way you'd wrap your arm around the front part of my waste,
as we walked our opposite directions.
you pushed me your way and whispered " i love you"
and slowly let go.
they all stared and you didnt care at all
now tell me,
what happend to this boy?
because i want him back.

* this guy i dated lastyear...on and off for half a year....just missing him right now, because hes a year older and went off to highschool so im stuck in middle school ayear without himm..and  u have to walk thru that same spot every day...its hard
&+I dont know how much longer i can live....
*knowing that i have to wait, knowing that youu may fall in love with another girl.Thinking that youu may not take me then.Expecting youu to come sweap me off my feet, but then relizing that it will never happen, and nothing will change,but the thought off you, and what you said to me.
*I love youu.

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