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 &Today at 11:11
i didn't wish for you
i wished for
ice cream

  `·., Katelyn
its too late now i cant wait
for you to be gone.

She looks at the sign
"What does that say"

Starts to walkaway

Starts to walkaway too.
"There is someone

named Vacant?"

~my friend~

When every

Saw me as a


saw me as

During Chemistry...
teacher: " What do you expect to happen to the ion? "
me: " the unexpected "
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

g i r l: h e y, w h a t r u d o i n g ?

b o y:  t a l k i n g t o s o m e o n e [important]

g i r l: w h o ?

b o y: h e r

~next day~

b o y: w a t c h a d o i n g ?

g i r l: t a l k i n g t o s o m e o n e [imporant]

b o y: w h o ?

girl: h i m
Tell him I hate him.
Tell him I'm way over him.
Tell him I don't miss him a bit.
tell him I said all this
  with tears in my eyes.
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