Quotes added on Sunday, December 13 2009

I love him
I also hate him </3

100th quote and exactly a year on witty :)
I. love. that. feeling.,
i. get., when. my. phone. will. light. up.,
and. his. name. is. on. the. screen.

       a              i
  m                    n

o stupid. supposed to be a rainbow.
 mine i think.

Me: If you're gonna do it, just do it now.
Him: Listen, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have let this drag on for so long.
Me: Drag on? 
Him: I didn't mean it like that.
Me: Whatever.
Him: Just to let you know, I am always going to be there for you, and I will always love you, no matter what.
*sneeze* Oh, sorry. I'm allergic to BULLSHIT!

true story.
venting. </3

and i still need you
a n d   i   s t i l l   m i s s   y o u

And. it. was. all. good.,
///// 'till., he. stopped. replying.
You know you have the perfect boyfriend,
If he sings to you in your ear..

"Most girls, wish that they had your eyes.
& boys secretl
y fantasize,
But me I am ju
st mesmerized
By your every wor
d and movement"
 When you flirt with me..........
.........are you really thinking of her?
You leave me speechless


don't know

what's wrong with me   i don't want flowers, and
i don't want him to   s l o w l y  brush the strands of
hair off my face,    as  we  watch   the  sun  set  over
the ocean.    i   want    crazy    make-out    sessions
behind bookshelves,       as we try not to get caught.
i want thumb wars,     i  want  brutal,    undisguised
honesty when we scream at each other,       in the
middle of the   hallways.     i want to  hang out with
him for the sole purpose   of   prank  calling  pizza
places.     and i don't want him to say he loves me, i
just want something believable.         is  it  true that
blissful     perfection   never  lasts,    or am i just not
               wanting    the   romance   inside   the       l o v e  ?
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