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[[ n o  t o m o r r o w ]]
you would see how much she really cries, you
would fine out so many secrets && lots of lies but
what you’ll see most is how hard it is to stay
strong when nothing is right and everything is wrong
______x </3
it doesn’t matter anymore
¦       i guess things happen for a reason, tears fade away
¦  and one day everything will be exactly how it’s supposed
¦      to be. moving on is a promise &+ you have to promise
`----------->yourself that you’re really ready to let go<|3
i remember back in elementry school,
how we would call eachother "bffs"
we would hang out everyday
and then i remember in middle school,
we were just close friends
hanging out just once in a while.

and now, in high school,
we barely speak;
its like i never knew you.
everytime i see you, anger
rushes through my body.

i finally believe that people DO change
and you cant do anything about it...
Today, my best friend gave me great advice. She said,
"Love it like a table covered with pudding. The only thing
is, you can't see the table. You are going to have to go
through all of the weird butterscotch and boring vanilla
until you get to the best one: chocolate. You don't know
when the chocolate is coming. Maybe you'll get it in
the first few tries, maybe it will take longer, but
eventually you will
find the chocolate."
She lays there in her bed,
with Taylor Swift blasting through the speakers of her stereo; a
Ben&Jerry's carton lays beside her half empty; her phone is pressed

up against her ear, as she talks to her best friend, and explains to her
how horrible she feels. She cries the words "HE HATES ME" into the
phone and then shovels another scoop of ice cream into her mouth.
"he doesn't hate you" her best friend replies, in the most comforting
voice she could possibly give. "It sure seems like it" the girl wails."
The girl then replays the days events over and over in her head. It
could of possibly been the worst day of her life and she can't
seem to shake the thoughts out of her mind and it's tearing her
apart. She can't seem to handle anything anymore,.
She thinks about him, and more tears start to come rolling off
her cheeks. As much as she wants to stop crying, she just
can't. This girl is officially broken, and no one has yet

to find all of the pieces.

all minee, took a while. please read...
I'll be your J u l i e t t e ♥... if you'll be my R o m e o  ♥                                                                                                                                
the tragic death

When you love someone, they may not love you back. But continue to love them, one day, they'll feel it.
This quote does not exist.
when something is done,
it cannot be re-done.
there's no going back,
there's no rewind.
there's only one word-
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