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Alright if your dating a guy and one of your close friends wants you to break up with him the night of the dance to see what will happen because your sort of in a Love Triangle, and both girls like that one guy, and the guy likes both girls. What should happen.? Like if she does break up with him would it be messed up for the other friend to make out with him, try to get with him.? Or is it smart just to leave it.

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--Naomi. [: <3
i have also slept with
Tiger Woods.
&& baby i'll take your r a r a r a r
breath away<33
A good friend would...
Would comfort you after a break up with your boyfriend


A best friend would...
A.) Spread rumors about his secret gay lover

B.) Go up to him and say "It's cause you gay isn't it?"
 If this was my    Forever

I'd want to spend it Here.
A good friend would...
knows how you take your coffee


A best friend would...
secretly add vodka
A good friend would...
not let you do something stupid


A best friend would...
not let you do something stupid... alone
A good friend would...
Stop you from overreacting


A best friend would...
Be walking next you you muttering to herself "Someone's gunna get it..."

& i f y o u t h o u g h t i w o u l d
l e a v e
than you were wrong cause i wont
..:: s t o p ::..

whoever said nothing was impossible never tried slamming a revolving door
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