Quotes added on Monday, December 21 2009

there is no guarantee,
that  this  life  is  easy

**When I Look At You; Miley Cyrus

I'm so scared
I don't know who you are
But I want to be apart of your world
Your amazing to me
You are becomming my escape
I don't know if you know
You might be the one.
But, im just a new friend to you
For right now :P

i love you. thats all that matters.



all mine <3

                        as i talk to i start to tear up.... i think about the times when we were friends.. when everything was good again... when we loved eachother.. i want things to be normal... i hate fighting with u... fight with u is like a cat loosing its nine lives... when will u ever learn that i am human.. i have a heart... but right now nothing is there but the cold memory u gave me
Give me one good reason,
Why I should let you in?
Give me one good reason,
To let you break my heart?
I wish I had never met you*
you left me with nothing but painful memories and broken promises;
              SAVE      </3

...one day...
...we'll sit under the stars...
...we'll sit under the fireworks...
...we'll sit under the rain...

...we'll sit together...

& it's come to the point where I don't even care what he's saying--
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