Quotes added on Wednesday, December 23 2009

Whenever my mind is filled with dark thoughts, your image lights up my mind <3
Cross Country!

There are no time outs,

There are no half times,

There are no substitues,

don't you just love running!!


You make me crazyyy
Cry as I may these tears won't wash you away <3
Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail.
8 Favorites;
• Favorite Color: lime green
• Favorite Food: chicken fingers.
• Favorite Singer: Lil' wayne <3
• Favorite Movie: mall cop :]
• Favorite Sport: volleyball.
• Favorite Day Of the Week: friday.
• Favorite Time of Day: afternooon.

9 Currents;
• Current Mood: bored.
• Current Taste: toothpaste.
• Current Clothes: aevolleyball sweat & softball tee.
• Current Computer: deell.
• Current Finqer/Toenail: fingers; neon orange & toes; pink
• Current Time: 12:13am
• Current Surroundinqs: computer, teeev, & ipod.
• Current Annoyance(s): people that don't text me.
• Current Thought: my back hurts & i miss him :[

5 Firsts;
• First Best Friend: chyrreia.
• First Crush: idr his name, lmao.
• First Screen Name: yeppitsmorgan
• First Pet: dog.
• First Piercing: ears.

6 Lasts;
• Last Food Consumption: stuff at dinner.
• Last Car Ride: going to the mall.
• Last Text Messaqe: josssh.
• Last Movie Seen: christmas with the kranks, i think.
• Last Item Bought: headphones.
• Last CD Played: i don't have cd's ? lmao.

4 Have You Evers;
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: i think?
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: maybe :] lmao.
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: nope.
• Have You Ever Been on TV: yeah budddy :]

4 Things;

• You're Wearing: sweats & teee.
• You Did Last Night: sitt at my dads.
• What Can You Hear Riqht Now: robot chicken <3
• You Can't Live Without: phone & ipod.

5 Places You've Been To;

• 1. Florida.
• 2. Virginia.
• 3. Up North.
• 4. Saginaw.
• 5. idk anymore.

4 people you can tell anything to;

1. chyrreia.
2. my sister.
3. cousin.
4. rachael.

1. Black or White: black.
2. Hot or Cold: hot :]

 everytime our eyes meet...this feeling inside me, is almost more than i can take
and baby when you touch me, i can feel how much you love me
....and it just blows me away
I may be in love with you. I may think you are amazing . I may think i can't live with out you. but is it the same for you
True Love Never Dies It Only Get's Stronger With Time.
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