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my very close friend has this boy
she likes, and he likes her back. he does
all the stuff a dream boy would do.

with you.
'll never be what you want 
                    I wouldn't change any part of mee      
                       just to make you stay. 

[Never Be What You Want;;We Are The In Crowd]
This looks really funny(:

wanna make a memory???
how about a baby???

Now I can say that I would not care,
àif you were nxoxtxtxhxexrxe,ß
tell myself that I'll be fine gwithout you,g
but I would die if I was not NaroundOAyou,D
and I can try to ^convince you^
I don't need to be with you,
but my only[thoughts are thoughts]about you,
what can I do, love is like glue.Y

..she finally let go of                                    
her fake smile..
                                    & tears slowly rolled down her face
as she whispered
''I'm sick of this.."     

"the saddest kind of sad..
is the sad that tries not to be sad.
you know, when sad tries to bite its lip and not cry
and smile and go 'no, i'm happy for you'?
that's when it's really sad."
-john mayer.

Or you'll never make it.
They Say Disney World Is The Happiest Place On Earth ; They've Obviously Never Been In Your Arms

                                      credit to rkittyz
if my parents want me to be happy... then let me be with him

12 year old talking to 6 year old - So, are you excited for santa to come tonight?
6 year old - No, im gonna tie him to the tree and kill him.

Actually happened!! Gotta lovee the cousins :] 

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