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happy 2010 witty!!!
Happy new year Everyone!!!! 2010!
it is 2010!
me and my best friend listened to down to earth from 11:59 to 12:02
haha! looking forward to a better yeaar!
Josh: you're late

Haley: i am not late

Josh: You are late

Haley: I'm not late

Josh:you are late

*Haley runs off*

Josh: what do you think about late people?

Unknown Person:
 think about what?

Josh: l
ate people

Unknown Person: oh, Haley?

Josh: yeah

Unknown Person: Oh, I think late people...
should all die.

*Haley screams and slams door*

Paramore can be sooo hilarious
it's finally
a new year
a new start

If you're feeling frightened about what comes next, don't be.
Embrace   the   uncertainty.   Allow it to lead you places.
Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both   your  heart
&your mind as you create yourownpath towards happiness,
don't   waste   time   with  regret.
S p i n     w i l d l y    i n t o    y o u r    n e x t    a c t i o n .
Enjoy the present  ( ( ( ( each moment )  ) ) )   as it comes;
because you'll never get another one quite like it.
And  if  you  should  ever  look  up  and  find  yourself  lost,
simply  take  a  breath  &   start  over .
Retrace your steps+go back to the purestplaceinyourheart...
where your hopes live.  ---->You'll find your way again.
-    G  i  l  m  o  r  e     G  i  r  l  s

Happy New Years <3
 Got to go oh, and I'm never comin back now,
Bye bye baby I'll be sure to write
Got to roll, oh, is what I've got to do,
Bye bye baby, now I'm over you.

Song: Bye Bye Baby
Artist; Stereos

"Love is a priceless thing. it's like a charm, one that you can have hang like an accesorie,
but yet, has a powerful meaning. One that you can't let go, but is meant to hold things togethor. You can't let go and you won't let go. You cherish it. Love. Priceless."
Today; I love you                                                                                 Tomorrow; I love you
 Him; Sorry... but I just don't think... we can... work.
Her; </3 I know.

 Her thoughts; it's for the best, I know it is but I still will always love him.

 His Thoughts; I know I would have hurt her because of all the obstacles we would have had to face if we wanted to stay together, but I love her, and I will never love anyone else =(

Her; But I still love you....

Him; (grabs her hand) Good, because I don't want you to go, I still love you <3

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