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           I'm only happy when Your              the only one in my heart. My heart       beat faster and faster when your                           around me!

By: John

repost this because on  December 12, 2012 at 512 pm the world will end.
if you d
o repost this then it will not.so repost it.
5:00am  wake up
5:30am  straigthen hair
6:00am  look in closet
6:10am  find cute outfit
6:11am  try it on, doesnt look good. put it back.
6:30am  find the perfect outfit
6:35am  start putting on makeup
6:55am  skip breakfast and get out the door to the
at the school looking
                                  f   r    o  u <3
because i did all of this
I wish i could go back to elemenrtry school, when everyone was friends with everyone because we had all been together for so long. When it didnt matter how fat i looked in those children place jeans or how messed up my pigtails were. If me and my bestfriend got in a fight it would all be good the next day because we were so close nothing could ruin our friendship. None of this mattered because noone judged or cared. But now, suddenly since middle school hit, the girls that you thought were your "sisters" really donnt care. They left you for cliques. Suddenly guys arn't so "yucky" and you care what you look like so noone says your fat or ugly. Middle school changed everyone. Your on a showcase walking threw the halways just waiting to be judged. So to be honest, i'd love to take a remote of life and pause and rewind life about 3 years so EVERYTHING COULD BE DIFFRENT.

Over Email

Christina: Hey whats up? Im in Makinac Island.
Me: Oh i didnt know you were going to Hawaii!
Christina:What are you talking aboutt?
Me: Makinac Is in Hawaii right?
Christina: No its in Michigann

hahah that was like 2 years agoo haah

Favorite Iff....
you look beyondd appearance---->
and read a quote that isnt as BIG &&colorful as the rest

 I thought it was over
 but then i remember
that     l o v e     last
F   O  R   E   V   E  R

Let's be friends for lifetime..
Life has its own way of making us    fight a trouble,deal a situation and face problems...
A friend for lifetime,is the one who helps us come out as a winner with constant love & support ALWAYZ..

Thanks for being such a GREAT fr!3nd..!!

click d <3

Name 10 guy friends

1. Dylan
2. Ryan
3. Alex
4. Cody
5. Collin
6. Dan
7. Gaetan
8. David
9. Zack
10.  Conor

Party with 1 or 7?
7 XD

Marry 2 or 6?
2 most defff.

Kill 3 or 8?
neitherr. 3's my bestfriendd, and 8's amazingg&&funnyyy.

Date 9 or 10?

Make out with 4 or 7?

Cuddle with 6 or 8?

Have kids with 4 or 5?
4, because 5s almost my brotherrr. 0.o

Live with 1 or 9?
honestly, it'd be amazing living with both of them<3

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5?
uhmm both xD

Trade lives with 8 or 10?
8, he's funnier xD

Wake up next to 4 or 9?


A Few More Questions..

Has 3 ever hurt you?

Have you ever hurt 4?
idts. i'm sorry if i diiiid:(

Who's the funniest?

Can you beat up 8?
hahahahha. probably nottt.

When is the last time you saw 9?
forever ago D:

Who's the smartest?

How long have you known 2?
sinceee 3rd grade xD

What would you do if 1 and 6 started dating?
i'd be like oh jesus. i knew both of you were gay. but oh well. i love gay people xD

Who is 5 dating/crushing on?
Cynthia xD

Does 7 smell good?
probably. i haven't smelled him lately.

Who will you still be talking to in 15 yearrs?
2, 3, 5, 9 and hopefully 1<3
When    all    you    hold    in   your   heart
slips   away,         you   have   to   choose:

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