Quotes added on Tuesday, January 5 2010

&+ The hardest thing in life,
   is watching the person you love,
Love someone else.
he told me I was his HERO now does t h a t    s a y      s o m e t h i n g     o r      W a t ? ?
You can take me anywhere you wanna go
I'm down for the ride
as long as I'm by your side <3

"Nice Legs" What time do they open? :)

Creditt to me :)

WOW do teach boys pre-school now of days? The 411 on how to break a girls heart? </3
You live and you learn,
you forgive but not forget,
you feel better but the secretly your hearts still aching.
You smile but behind it there's a frown
eyes are welling up.
You let one last tear fall,
stand up and be strong.
With both feet foward you don't look back,
each stride is towards something better.
You live and you learn and finally move on.
He loves me, he loves me not.
There's not enough petals to help me figure it out.
I sit and I wait and I wonder.
I break open bunches of fortune cookies
they don't know the answer either.
When will I know.. Will I ever?
The answer is somewhere in my heart
and its time I let it speak

You were always there to protect me,
&+ make sure no one could hurt me.
   But who was there to protect me from
y o u?

No pikeying.

&&: Girls.. maybe some things happen for a reason ! <3

#4 Don't you hate it when
two days after someone starts dating another, they claim to be in love?
it's like,
sure you're in love, and i frequently ride my pet dragon to school.

lawl, you can tell im not a people person. xD
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