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Promises mean everything
& once there broken,
sorry means nothing.

Found it on facebook.


                         (Chapter; 1)

  "Dang girl, that boy has you hypnotized Maddison" i heard a voice i reconized. I turned around and there was my best friend Hailey. His gorgeous eyes are hypnotizing (i laughed). "I can't believe it's been a year already, go talk to him" she added. I just stood there, legs shaking at my locker "gotta go" i whispered & walked away from my best friend. I walked to class, & it was our first day back to school, and sure enough he was in my class. I just looked at the ground and took a seat, as far away from him as possible. Found a seat, he was talking to his friends so i wasnt too sure where he was sitting exactly. I just sat there waiting maybe my best friend had this class with me (i prayed). I felt a tap on my shoulder, & who do you think it was? Yeah, Luke (the boy that im in love with). "How are things now?" he asked. "Same as they've always been Luke" i added. He sat down right next to me, trying to start a conversation, but i wasnt ready to start a conversation at that point with him. So i acted like i was writing down something maybe he'd go away, but he didnt he just kept talking. Saying how sorry he was & how he's been over the summer. But honestly i didnt care one bit of what he was saying to me, most likely it was all probably lies anyways. After five long awkward minutes the teacher finally walked in & introduced himself. We all sat & listened to him grip & complain about his past students, until the bell finally rang. I gathered all my things together & hurried out of there as soon as i could.

  The day was going by slow but it was almost over.The class started coming to an end, & people started to get excited. Luke kept trying to talk to me, i just kept ignoring him. Of course i still loved him, he was my first love, and you can't just stop loving someone in a year let alone a day. My phone started going off, oh my god i though to myself. "Who's phone is going off?" the teacher angerly asked. No one said a word. Mr. Ward started to get really angry, he started walking by everyones seats & looking through their things. And right before he got to my seat Luke stood up and said "It was my phone!". Mr. Ward just looked at him gave him a very dirty look, and said "Would you please give me your phone,  you can get it after class" he said. "Yeah" Luke said (handing him his cell phone). Then he sat down (giving me a half smile). I gave him a glance, then quickly turned away. Why did he do that? Does he know he could get into alot of trouble for doing that? I wanted to know why he did that exactly, i mean he left me a year ago. For my best friend? Does he think he could have a chance with me now? I dont even want to think about him right now, but it's hard not too because he's so gorgeous, & i deffinatly would not of did that for him, no way in hell.

  After that class i went to my locker (trying not to make contact with Luke). As soon as my locker opened someone tapped me on my back. Oh My God i thought please dont let this be Luke, Please dont. I slowly turned around and it was Hailey. "Hey, what's up girly" she said. "Not alot going to head home as soon as possible" i replyed. She walked right accross the hall to her locker, put her books away, and came back to mine. "Come on" she called after me "Come to my house we can study" she added with a wink. We met on the north end of the school. Once we found eachother, we started to head to her house walking. She did not live that far away from the school, so it was'nt that far to walk. We walked around the corner, & Hailey said "So your mom doesnt mind your coming over?" she asked. "Oh my gosh, i forgot all about asking her" i snapped. I flipped out my phone, & hit my speed dial. I called my dad because i knew  he wouldnt care, and of coure he said that was fine. But i knew he would say it was okay because my dad was the coolest person ever. We walked to Hailey's house & when he finally got there her little brother was sitting outside in their front yard. "Hailey have i ever told you i love when you bring your friends over because their all hot" he said with a big grin. I gave him a little smile back. He's always been "in love" with me ever since the first time i've met him. We went upstairs to her room, & i told her all about the little incident with Luke. The first thing that came out of her mouth "Awww that's so cute". I dont know why but she's always wanted me to get back with Luke for some odd reason. We sat there and talked, she told me that i should go with her and her boyfriend this weekend. She said his cousin was in town and he needed a date. I didnt know about this i didn't ever want to go out on a blind date. She told me i'd better say yes or she was going to be mad at me for a long time (i think she was just kidding).

i'm tired of being shy.
from now on, i think i'm gonna waltz up to that boy with a confident
smile on my face and tell him everything. i'm gonna tell him how i
notice that his eyes sparkle when he smiles. i'm gonna tell him
how i get butterflies when he says my name. i'm gonna tell
him that i feel safe in his arms. i'm gonna tell him that
i love him more than anything in the world <3
(if i remember how to breathe)


                             (Chapter; 1)

  The next three days of school flew by. Luke tried talking to me here and there, but nothing like the first day. Maybe he was taking the hint i dont like him (but i do love him of course). Today was friday & school was almost over so the weekend was getting closer. Of course everyone was excited and couldnt wait. I heard about so many parties that were "supposibly" gonna be the party of the year. I've heard so many "you gotta be at this party tonight's". I was tired of it, i was thinking seriously about going with Hailey and Josh (josh is her boyfriend). And seeing what she had in store for me. I didnt like the whole "set up" thing, but i did like the whole "stop thinking about Luke" thing. I still want to figure out why Luke did that on the  first day of school, because i mean first impressions are alot, & with that teacher, just imagine his with Luke. Everyone suddently took off running to their lockers, i was just trying to figure out what happened. But the final bell rung and i was completly out of it and didnt realize it had rung. Me and Luke (besides the teacher) were the only ones in the room. I glanced over and he was messing with his books. I think he was trying to make me think he wasnt waiting for me, but in reality he was. I did not say a word, i just got my things together & i headed for my locker out in the hall. As i reached my locker, i had just got it open what i saw Luke walk right past me, he didnt even look at me. That was the first time that i felt bad about not talking to him. But why should
i feel bad for anyways? He's the one that completly destroyed me for a whole year, and this summer i was finally getting over him, & what does he do? He goes and does something sweet, just  like he always did when he first started flirting with me. I put my books up and headed home, i walked today, i had alot of things to think about.

  Once i got home, i went to my room, & put my phone on the charger (i would die if my cell phones battery ever ran down & i couldnt charge it). My mom would be home anytime now  (she usually got home 10 minutes after me but i walked extra slow today). I rushed over to get my ipod of it's charger, hopefully it's fully charged (i had it charging all night and all day). Before i could get the headphones on i heard my mom's voice talking to my little brothers (ones 13 his names Shane, other ones 11 his names Justin). She was asking them if they had any homework, and they told her no because it was the weekend, Shane had a attitude in his voice, & it make me half smile because i knew he would get in trouble (but of course he didnt). I ran downstairs (so i could ask my mom if i could go out tonight). She told me i had to ask my dad, so i sat in the living room watching tv waiting for my dad. My brother's had iCarly turned on, (Perfect show for a teenager, & an eleven year old). I would of usually argued with them & then won because i always ended with *IM OLDER* but not this time, it was diffrent. I was day dreaming about Luke. Wow i thought to myself, im day dreaming about a boy that broke my heart, & never even tried to talk to me after he broke up with me. I mean seriously that's real mature! It was just something about him that made me crazy, all the girls in my school wanted him. But why wouldnt they? He was so gorgeous, his dark brown hair, & light blue eyes. He could make a ministers daughter kill someone up for him. But he's a heart breaker i had to remind myself everytime i thought about him.

  I heard the front door shut and i turned around, it was my dad. I knew i had to ask him something & that was the reason i was in there waiting but it totally slipped my mind. "Hey kid's how was school" my dad asked. "It was good" my brothers replyed. I didnt say anything because i didnt want to tell him the truth, the truth was it was completly horrible. My whole day, i wish Luke wouldnt even look at me, it's like when the same dog bites you over and over but you keep going back to it to pet it, you know it's gonna bite you again, but at that moment you dont care. That's how it is with Luke, i just want to be over him completley. And not care if he's around or not, it's just everytime i see him i get those butterflies i've always got when i seen him. I need help, and the sooner the better. I sat there trying to remember what i wanted to ask my dad but nothing came to mind. So i just went back upstairs to my room. I turned my radio on my favorite station (which i did at least three times a day). At first it didnt catch my attention. Then the song started going farther, &  before i knew it, i was in tears. They were running down my face, Like rain on a window. "Our song" by Taylor Swift was on. That had been me and Lukes song. That was the first time i actually listened to it since we've been broken up! I just sat there on my bed, tear stains all over my pillows. I sang along to the song, remembering all the things we've been through, all the good times that have ever happened with us. I dont get it though, why should i be crying? It's been over a year, & he hasnt acted like he's wanted me back so forget him! He can get any girl in the school anyways, so why not one of them? The song had just ended when my phone lite up. "One New Message" it read, i opened it. And it was the name that would make any girl start bawling "Luke".

                                                 (End of Chapter 1)
                    The truth is,                      
       everyone is going to hurt you,     
 you just have to find the ones worth 
                    suffering for                     

Another one i found on facebook (:

...you're right...
...I haven't met my prince charming...

...but I have met my Romeo...



its       the worst thing in the world           to watch someone you love;             love someone else and knowing
   they will never love you. </3 

t's better to be happy alone
hen unhappy with someone 


en up a smile
On another face.

                  Break her heart                  
                           & i'll                         
                   break your xbox (:             
                                    mine (:                            
                             no pikeying,yeh?;]                    


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