Quotes added on Friday, January 8 2010

some poeple are like slinkies,
they are really good at doing nothing,
but they always bring a smile to your face
when you push them down a flight of strais...!

Miss_foxy_roxy (A.K. Danae Michaelis)

how can u find the one for you?
---> if you keep on telling yourself he's
the one for
you? <3

the rules of love
kiss on the lips = i love you
kiss on the ear = your special
kiss on the nose = laughter
kiss on the cheek = friendship
kiss on the forehead = i comfort you
kiss on the neck = i want you
kiss on the shoulder = you are wonderful
kiss anywhere else = be careful
play around with your hair = i can't live without you
holding hands = happiness
arms around waist = you are mine, i need you
a hug = i care
hibble on the ear = start warming
smiling at eachother = i like you
lifting up eyebrows/wink = flirtation
looking around = hiding true feelings
tender kiss on the side of your lips = your mine
wetting lips = waiting for a kiss
tear drop = i'm losing you
crying = i've lost you

**creditt to: NicoleLovesYou
**creditt for editt.

my bed is really cold...
can I sleep in yours??
                                  I`m torn between my best guy friend and my
                    boyfriend... i love them both so much and don't
                    wanna lose neither one... but i know sooner or
                    later i`m gonna have to chose but i`m just not
                    ready for that moment to come yet </3

                           I wonder so much if he loves me, or if hes just playing
                    me... and i know that's not what real love should feel

I'M NOT A           BOOK.

I CAN'T BE           READ.

                                      Just one more kiss, just one more moment like this, 
                       just one more hug, just one more hand tug not to go,
                       just one more glance, just one more chance?

"your life will treat you well and go your way
if you put your struggles behind you"
I love you with all my heart so how did we get into a fight??!?!?! I'm not even sure but you got mad about something reall stupid! So Then we made up and we were happy again!!!!!
Babeee!!!!! <3
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