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Life and love are like hide and seek. People spend their whole lives looking for love, but when they finally forget to look for it, they find it.
he boy, d yo
remembe when //♥
we would pass chessy romantic notes during class, cause we would
miss eachother too much? do you remember when you would call me
every day after school, just so you could listen to my laugh *& because
just hearing my voice made you instantly happy? do you remember when
you would stop by my class so you could silently say i love you so much
by the door? do you remember when you would get jelous when my best
guy friends would flirt with me, but i wouldnt flirt back? do you remember
when i would also get jelous when you'd talk to other girls, only because
i thought  i wasn't good  enough for you,  so i thought i could loose  you?
remember when we would text eachother till 5 in the morning, even when
we both wanted to sleep, but we thought with eachother in eachothers life
our reality was better then our dreams? do you remember when you'd show
me off   to your friends? do you remember   when we'd hug every  day, after
school? yeah that was my favorite part of the day? do you remember when
i saw you holding hands with my bestfriend, while we were dating? do you
remember when we had that big fight? do you remember when i lost both
of you, & i didnt want either back? do you remember when you broke my
heart, & said ill move on, cause you already did? do you remember when
my friends told you the only way i can rest is if i can cry myself to sleep?
i know for a fact i sure remember everything that happened between us.
hey     boy,      do       you     remember    any   of    that //♥
If you can't trust me with a //CHOICE,
how can you trust me with a
HILD ?//
Will she love you like I loved you?

give me the strongest drink you've got.
because   tonight,   i'm letting  it all  go.
tonight, i'm going to get the courage to
just  go  right up to   you and   kiss   you
long            x.o        and          o.             hard.
and   i'm not letting go until my    point

is straight. i fricken love you.

So, here's how it works: 
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, ETC.) 
2. Put it on shuffle 
3. Press play 
4. For every question, type the song that's playing 
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... 
Opening Credits: fireflies - owl city

Waking Up: i wanna love you - the maine

First Day of School: 4ever - the veronicas

Falling in Love: you had me at hello - a day to remember (awh!)

Fight Song: hero/heroine - boys like girls

Breaking Up: you belong with me - taylor swift

Studying/Working: every girl - lil wayneeee (hahaa)

Life: on top of the world - boys like girls<3

Mental Breakdown: tidal wave - owl city(:

Sunny Day: i'm yours - jason mraz

Rainy Day: everything's magic - angels & airwaves

Party/Dance Music: love lockdown - kanye west

Driving: tied together with a smile - taylor swift

Sleeping/Dreaming: use somebody - kings of leon

Nightmares: whoa oh! - forever the sickest kids

Flashback: bigger than my body - john mayer

Wedding: true to me - metro station

Birth of a child: polaroid - shwayze

Final Battle: bounce - the cab

Death Scene: catch me - demi lovato </3

Funeral Song: homecoming - hey monday

End Credits: stay beautiful - taylor swift

.cause its true.
.i'm nothing without you

 Us girls only read the short quotes 
the ones with the biggest letters
the prettiest colors
and the words.

I didn't do it, you lit the match for me
Now we're flying from the blast, baby
That's the thing

Where we're going, we don't need no brakes
Can't wait to see your face
When your front windows break
And I come crashing through

The lovers need to clear the road
Oh, oh, oh
Cause this thing is ready to blow

I just wanna set you on fire
So I won't have to burn alone

Why doesn't anyone
understand that
I am innocent
untill proven

idk..lol i just thought of it.

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