Quotes added on Tuesday, January 12 2010

&&I can't tell if your being extra nice to me because. . .
you like me <3
or your just going to use me </3

ughhh, why does this have to be so confusinggg. this guy is being so sweet, and then he brings up like how far would you go with me?
You have to love me, or else I'll kill myself in front of you
 "Thou Shall Not Call Thyself "Barbie" When Thou Looketh Like Precious

Not mine,
just had to post. ;]
i thought saying
was hard to say.....
say it within a day?????
i'm getting older and that scares me a bit. i was thinking today after school if we ever see our classmates again theres gonna be ppl with kids, wife or husbands and some will be successful and others just barely making it by. i'm kinda scared to grow up -- Shawney.. =]
its not my fault that i was born a
Talented            Creative            
In my dreams
we are always together...

    You said you would DIE for me,
but you must LIVE for me too.

When are you going to
realise that you are beautiful
JUST the way you are no
matter what anyone else
thinks of you.


"I'm the one who has to die
when its time for me to die,
so let me live my life, the way I want too."
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