Quotes added on Monday, January 18 2010

xt time you point a finge
|I'll|Point|You |To| A|Mirror|

"so whatss up in your life right now?"

"ohh umm wellll i just broke up with a guy i really love and i cant go a second without thinking about and i regreted it the second i did it, i cried myself to sleep every night. i sleep with my phone laying on my chest hoping he'll txt me bigging for me to get back together with him, im hopelessy in love with him still and im litteralyyy broken in half, and not to mention im losing all my friends cuz this stupid guy ruined it, ohh and i have to seee him everyday of my life and it makes me fall in love alll over again and hes trying to make me jealouss...it worksss, he likes her now and we havent even been over for a weeek, i have a pain in my heart that makes me feeeel empty and i just want to rolll up into a ball and cry and fall alseeeep and never wake upp. i want to b eback in his arms and for him to never let go. i just want him back and my life sucksss righttt noww and thats pretttty much it, what about you"

"uhhhh...nothing muchh"

"gd damittt i justttt venttedd to youuu! noww you answerr my questionnn"


hahah gottta love my friendsss

Maybe Its True
/ / /  that i can't live without youl ♥

-Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift


believe  that  everything  happens  for  a reason,  but  I  think  it's  important 
to  seek  out  that  reason

~Drew Barrymore~

+& you make my heart skip beats
like a scrached CD______<3

one of my old ones
wanted to put it up again

Lookin Like A Fool
          / / /   with yo pants on the ground  (:

It be nice if for once 
someone would say they were 
proud      of       me.
♥    ♥

I asked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.
I asked God for a tree, He gave me a forest.
I asked God for a river, He gave me an ocean.
I asked God for a friend, He gave me << you >>

♥    ♥
i love him a little more than i love throwing up.
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