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To  the  good  friends
I honestly care about, the people that   fill my heart:
I love you. You're the ones who haven't left, haven't
even  t h o u g h t  about leaving. You're the ones that
deal with me, beyond all reason. You're the ones who
really [s u p p o r t] the things I do, the ones who can
m a k e   m e   s m i l e
& laugh and just be happy. You're the ones I honestly
don't know how I lived without all this time. You're the
ones who   pick me up   when I'm down, the ones who
lift my spirits & help me soar. You're the ones who

- unlike {BARBIES* , me & my girls aren't sold SEPARETLY -

                   we have broken up 3 times....
  i   l i s t e n   t o   m y   h e a r t   o r   m y   m i n d . . . 
             my mind tells me that hes a jerk and im over him                    
     but my heart tells me i love him....and i know he loves 

My heart longs for you,

my soul DIES for you,

my eyes cry for you,

my EMPTY arms

reach out


When you love someone you're
not supposed to let them go right?
Well that's what I'm doing with you.
I'm never gonna let you go <3

Forever and Always <3
T o   t h e   o n e   I   l o v e ,
the boy I love: You're breaking my heart.   I can literally feel it
crack. I know you're changing,    I can see it with my own eyes.
I'm happy.  I'm glad you're trying harder, I'm glad I have some
meaningin your life.  But I'm afraid you'll relapse into the person
that just kept breaking my heart no matter what you did or didn't
do. I don't want that. It hurts me, but I'm afraid if I leave,       the
pain of not being with you will be g r e a t e r than the pain of being
with you, and I don't know what to do.            I love you with my
whole being,   and you make me happier than anyone but you hurt me more than them too...
I don't know what to do..
$ $

You can't
buy my love.
Get tha>>into<<  your {{ head }}


So What,

I burped in class,

You farted in cooking!HA
dude why does vince vaughn need to play the "i have a canadian girlfriend" card ..i mean you only need to do that when your in the closet.... in highschool ....and justin bieber....<3

ohhh i <3 chelsea latley :)
probably alot of hateful comments :)

Read this.


Did you read the pen is in her mouth?

[no? you dirty mind, you]

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