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the savage lifeee♥
the one you love
the one that loves you?!
im torn up between two :(

mine no jock :)
click the hartt <3
No one truly understands why I love him so much;
& I could give you 39487923 reasons why I do.
But instead, I'll just give you a few.

1. He happens to have the most amazing blue eyes in the entire world.
2. His beautiful smile makes me day.
3. He's the sweetest person I've ever met, he's never once said something mean to me.
4. Everything he says to me makes me smile uncontrollably.
5. He's unlike anyone I've ever met; he's different, in the best way.
6. He's absolutely stunning.
7. He makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.
8. He's the easiest person to carry a conversation with.
9. I feel comfortable when I talk to him.
10. He gives me hope in the future.
11. He gets me like no one else.
12. He's given me permanent butterflies.
13. Even hearing and/or seeing his name makes me smile.
14. We dream about each other,<3
15. His love gives me reason to keep going.
16. I could imagine spending forever & always with him.
17. He tells me I'm beautiful.
18. I miss him even before we end a conversation.
19. He makes me want him more every time we talk.
20. He is love.

& i'm just waiting for the day that he'll finally love me back.

somebody else gets what you wanted again, oh -

change- twift...
Yo grandma in
                        ~nikki minaj
When I see you
my heart doesn't
skip a beat
stops completely

Do You Care ?
My Heart hurts . During the Day I fake a smile So You won`t see ,
But Deeep Down inside I`m S l o w l y Dying . I miss You . I miss Us .
EveryDay is a Challenge . MYNights are Battlefields . w- Oceans Swelling over MYHeart ... & alL I tend to think is ....

Do You Care ?

It's not my fault
that when i was a baby
i was dropped in a box of
&& i've been
shinin' ever since
♥ ♥  

"What's wrong?"

Oh, nothing.  I'm just tired.

**well, let's see: I believed every damn word he said to me. I believed  the I will always love you, no girl could ever take me away from you, I would never do anything to harm you, you're the only girl I care about. And he lied to me. Every one of those things was a lie. Now, he DID leave me. And yes, he left me for that one girl. The one that I knew he had a thing for all along, even if he said he didn't. We've had too many fights to count, and he is honestly one of the biggest jerks I have ever met. I now realize that he never even cared about me. Now, we don't even talk. He tries to talk to me sometimes, but it just hurts too much to talk back. And it upsets me that we don't talk but I have to make it seem like I don't care even though I do. I really miss the old him. He has become a completely different person lately that I don't even recognize anymore. And that is just plain sad right there. Every time I see him with her, it literally puts me in pain. Then, when I have a split second where I don't think about him, he comes racing back right through my mind and the fact that the amazing thing we had is now gone, hits me harder than ever before. I loved this boy so much, and no matter how much I try to convince myself that I don't, I still do. I try and try to get over him and get him out my heart and head, but he keeps finding his way back, and I'm not sure if I will ever be able to truly get over him.**

So there you have it, that's what's wrong.
But i would rather dithan admit
that to anyone who asks me "what's wrong?" 


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