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i never knew how hard it was to lose
something i never had
A heart is not a plaything
A heart is not a [[toy]]
But if you want it broken
Just give it to a [[boy

Boys, they like to play with things
To see what makes them [[run]]
But when it comes to kissing
They do it just for [[fun

Boys never give their hearts away
They play us girls for [[fools]]
They wait until we give our hearts
And then they play it [[cool]]

You will wonder where he is at night
You will wonder if he is [[true]]
One moment you'll be happy
One moment you'll be [[blue]]

If you get a chance to see him
Your heart begins to [[dance]]
Your life revolves around him
There is nothing like [[romance

And then it starts to happen
You worry day and [[night]]
You see my friend, you're losing him
It never turns out [[right]]

Boys are great although immature
The price you pay is [[high]]
He may seem sweet and gorgeous
But remember he's just a [[guy

Don't fall in love with just a boy
That takes a lot of [[nerve]]
You see my friend, you need a man
To get what you [[deserve]]

So when you think you'll be in love
Be careful if you [[can]]
Before you give your heart away
Make sure that he's a [[man]].

                        &&How many of you..... think
                                people have the most 
accent EVER!!

Haha I love their accents!! <33

the only thing i can say is
i'm done. 

especially with your lies
but the funny thing is,
I still want you in my arms.

And it's when you call me baby,
that i tremble all over knowing..
I finally got you.
&+ that moment, just may be, the time when everyone says "he's the one you've been waiting for.."
I want to make this scar run far and deep
because of you I'm here to weep
I don't want to hurt I don't want to cry
but sometimes I just want to die
worthlessness is what I feel
what will it take to make me heal.?
and then I get that text from you
I put down that knife so I can proove
that just from that one compliment
back to shape, you have bent
me in my time and hour of need
just before I was willing to bleed

venting. make it pretty. and il give you so much credit.
Plain and simple:

I was in the store the other day and I saw an actual douche-bag and I thought, "Hey it's James!"
I was in the store the other day and I saw an actual douche-bag and I thought, "Hey it's James!"
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