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Every tear cried,
Every eye dried,
Every heart broken,
Every word unspoken,
Every Lie,
Every goodbye,
I want you to look in the mirror,
because your the one who's 
done that to so many

 i     never    see that  actual ::Premire:: of the show .. i see it the day  ( AFTER! )
So many things I want to say, need to say. I just can't seem to tell you in person. Maybe if I did it would make things between us better. But I can't deal with all this stress, it overwhelming trying to come up with something to do. So I use the one thing I rely on:
Violence. I'm sorry.

it's the people you call on the be your general, they except you no matter what
it's the people you count on to be there when your car is stuck in a rut
it's that feeling you get when you know, that person will always be by your side
but most of all, it's the feeling you carry with you until you've died

I love it when your having a great day
And then he comes along and makes it even better
So the only reason why I can't
let go is because, well I am completely
inlove with you. I can help but love how
you always try getting my friendship back.
Well what would really be helpful is if you
gave me all the peices to my heart back.
I need you in my life.
    End of Story.
It's no longer...
"when pigs fly..."
We changed it to...
"When Justin Bieber hit puberty..."

credit of layout to whoever...
i forgot who...
(gonna get hate comments
for this but i really dont care)
&&| for |all | the | girls| that | are | flyin' | solo;

keep on flyin' high.

no jocking
His Summer.
               Ever since I can remember, I've spent every single one of my summers practically living at her house. Michaela has been my bestfriend since I was four and she was five. Ever since that first day we met, everything just kind of 'clicked'. 
               It was June 6th, 2000, I remember that day like it was yesterday. My mother and I were going to pick my brother, Derek, up from a friend's house. My mom parked the car in their little driveway and I skipped up the steps, my box of Cheez-Its in hand. 
               Mrs.P opened the door and I saw my brother and Jake playing trucks in the Toy Room. The next school year, they would be in second grade, and I would be starting kindergarden. Mrs. P invited my mom in for some tea to give the boys some more time to play. My brother is two years older than me, so I never really like playing with him and his friends, so I began wandering around their house. It wasn't until I was upstairs that I found her. She was sitting on the floor of a bright purple room reading a Junie B. Jones book. I walked over to her and sat indian style so close to her our knees were touching. She looked up at me, then at my box of Cheez-Its, and then got down on her stomach and started rummaging through some things underneath her bed. When she was through, she turned back to me with her own box in her hand, and smiled. It was then when I realized this friendship was going to last for a very long time.
              Michaela has three brothers - Jake, Matt, and Josh. Jake was oldest, then Michaela, after that was Matt, and the baby of the family is Josh. They were all two years apart and looked exactly the same, except for Matt. They were all short with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Matt was a little taller with a head full of dirty blonde curls. Michaela had the curliest hair I had ever seen before, in fact, it was worse than mine.
              Mr. and Mrs. P. had four children, and little did they know, after June 6th, 2000, they would practically be raising two more.
              My mother's life has been no picnic, to say the least. My daddy died when I was two years old. I barely got to know him because of Melanoma skin cancer that claimed his life too early. My brother's right arm is paralyzed due to complications during child birth. She's been diagnosed with a never ending list of problems, including depression, sleep apnia, arthritus, and type two diabetes. She has been raising two hellians by herself for twelve years now on a teacher's salary, and I have not done a single thing to make it the least bit easier.
              Michaela's family has been going to a summer camp called Camp Ker-Anna since it's founding in 1908 or something. They're all crazy about it, and now so am I. Ker-Anna has a summer camp program, day camp and overnight. Michaela and I go to overnight, and have been since we were nine. Michaela's family uses the camp on the off season too, for things like family reunions. I've gone to quite a few, starting that summer we met. That's were I met him. 
I'll love you till the stars dont shine
And baby, thats a long time
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