Quotes added on Wednesday, January 27 2010

As hard as i try,
             i just cant get you off my mind.
 we can get down like there no one around
We keep on rocking
Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watching 
Feels like the crowd is saying....

Gimme gimme more
thats not hard.
Thats Life.
If you hold back your feelings
because you're afraid of being hurt,
you'll end up hurting yourself anyway
Something in your eyes captured my soul,
and every night I see you in my dreams.
You're all I know. I can't let go

 Toot that thang up mami make it roll 
once you pop, pop lock it for me girl get low 
if yo mama gave it to you, baby girl let it show 
once you pop lock drop it for me maybe we can roll 

She moves her hips just like Shakira 
If she was in a contest she would be the winner (yep) 
From Ohio all the way to St. Louis, hey all the girls do it just put your back into it 

Now shake what she gave ya, I'm talking bout ya mama 
If you wont do it for me then do it for these dollas 
Cause I'ma make it rain, these otha dudes is lame 

At first I thought I was tripping
But my vision getting clearer
You moving that thang around as if you practice in the mirror
She doing a new dance
What the next man said
I'm like naw she just pop locking on a headstand

&When life gives you Lemons,
     Make Lemonade.

no matter if we're together or apart, baby i promise you will be in my heart

-- pretty sure its mine :) but sorry if i did jock !
its only my first quote so any advice or help would be appreciated!

i watch you like a midnight movie, & you, you act as if you never knew me

--midnight movie by the secret handshake
Love is like a bag of potato chips.

                                                                               You can't have JUST one.....


                           You HAVE  to have the WHOLE bag. 
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