Quotes added on Friday, January 29 2010

~The night~
The night you first told me
you loved me was when the moon was bright and beautiful
and the stars were as bright as ur gorgeous brown eyes
I was happy to be in you arms
The happiest i have ever felt.
Im left broken inside...
Looking at the moon
Bright and beautiful
The only thing i was missing
was your arms around me
and the words
I love you
which now mean nothing.
Dear next girl on his list,
WARNING:Your just his next victim in his game of love
He loves no one but himself he will say he loves you and get you to fall for him
Then he leaves you for someone else.So take my advice
Get out while you can before you end up like me
Broken and shattered...
If you dont wanna listen then
I have fun trying to get yourself out of a big hole
That i have been trying to get out now
Lets just say its
 His ex girlfriend

Venting and was lazy on colors
I still feel the pain
the heartbreak
but i got something out of that
being strong.
&& I wouldn't give that up
for anything
or another word
for my
love life

i wasn't surprised thaat you got a new
- -girlfriend - -
but i was surprised by the way i felt
when your best friend told me,
 your mind games are making me go crazy
one day you act a certain way
and the next day ,
you act the complete opposite
make up your mind

don't steal. (:
to              me,             you're
strange and you're
you'd be so perfect with me but
you       just     can't      see

just stay [with me] tonight everything wiLL be okay;
so Lets spend some time [together]and just make a 

aLL minee
what   a   feeling      in    my   soul    -
love         burns       brighter         than

s u n       s h i n e
let    the    rain   fall,   I    don't    care.
I'm yours, and suddenly you're mine.

Yes, No, Maybe So,

ell me something that you know.... x

o You Love Me Yes Or No?

'cause I'd really love to know

aby baby tell me please

do you wanna be with me ?


*credit to hollywoodhearts_

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