Quotes added on Monday, February 1 2010

it's okay...
everyone makes mistakes
G o d   F o r g i v e

Theres always so much to say, so much anger that needs to be released.
But we stay silent.. no words are spoken, it hurts more but niether one will give in first.
Never thought it would come to this..the hardest part is that I tell myself not to look back.
To forget all about you.. but how could I ? when I loved you so much </3

I think I'm fallin' for him hard

I   j u s t   h o p e   h e   c a t c h e s   m e .
breaking up is like a book you don't want your love to end and then when it does you don't know what to do with yourself, even though you know its over
<<they call me>>
s t a l k e r
f r i e n d l y
•b u t  m o s t l y•
i w a n t t h e m t o s a y
>>that's her
h i s g i r l.

h o l d my hand
&& don't e v e r let go.
you d o n ' t realize it but
we're gonna be
t o g e t h e r
forever no m a t t e r what

l e g i t
Today, my boyfriend and I were walking in the mall with a crowd of people. A guy, who was around our age, wasn't paying attention to his girlfriend's hands accidentally got a hold of my boyfriend's instead. Both of them were busy texting. The other girlfriend and I couldn't stop laughing when they realized who they were romantically strolling hand-in-hand with.MLIA
A week or so ago, I was grading pre-tests that assessed what my students knew about magnetism before even starting the unit. One of the questions stated, "What is the function of a transformer?", meaning something that changes voltage. A student wrote, "To defeat the Decepticons." He's now my favorite. MLIA
Today, I saw a mother and her little girl, whom I babysat a couple months ago. I greeted the girl by name, and she asked, "wait, how do you know my name?". playing along, I said "because I know everything". She asked me what her favorite color was. She was dressed head-to-toe in pink, so naturally I guessed "pink". the look on her face was priceless and she ran to her mother and said "Mom! I found god!" MLIA
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