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Part 19:
Where To Go When You Have Nobody
[sorry i didnt post till late, this story is NOT over. it may seem over, but it is NOT witty isnt letting me fofrmat it D: !]]

The kiss ending quickly because I got a text.
Where are you guys? – nikki
Your house.
Kay. We’ll be there soon.
I put my phone back in my pocket. And I saw people coming towards the house. Hoping it was nikki, I ran out to get her.
“nikki!” I yelled out. Surely enough it was nikki but my parents.
“AAHH!!” I screamed, and andrey came out to check it out
“what!?” he asked me. I ran to him and hid behind him.
“my p-p-parents… h-h-here” I stuttered. He took my hand and we booked it out there. I texted nikki telling her not to come and stay hidden. I called the cops, and at last, somebody picked up
“Hello, how may we help you?” the male asked.
“The s-s-stalkers… I know where they are…theyre after me” I cried
“where are you miss? We’ll come find you ASAP” he assured me. I told him the street I was on, and within minute the FBI, and police were here. They put me and andrey into safety, and I told them that 2 other people were hiding from them. They found them quick. And the police had my parents surrounded. I heard nothing but a gun go off, I got out of the car, and looked at who got shot. And I saw my mom on the ground. Covered in a puddle of blood.
“i-i-is it over?’ I asked a officer. He assured me it was, and took my dad back to jail. Was this all over? Andrey came running to me and hugged me as tight as possible.
“it’s all over hun!” he smiled. But, that’s what I heard last time…it was over for 6 months. What if it never ends? I asked myself. But, for now, it is. And I’ll just have to wait and see.
One year later
[this isn’t going to be writing in Adelene’s POV till further notice]
That year went by fast. Nikki, Adelene, Andrey, and Adams, lived together, in one big house. They were basically family. Addy was 17, Andrey 18, Adams 19 and nikki 17. they heard nothing from addy’s parents. Andrey and adelene were basically the perfect couple. And as andrey promised, he never left adelenes side. No matter what they went through, he stuck to his word. But then the day came again.
I won't remind you //
You said we wouldn't be apart

They dont know everything bout' me.
"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we still must dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.

-michael jackson.
  &please jusgivone morchance. 
i know the first two chances you gave me , 
i compleatly blew. but i SWEAR its different now
i finally know how much im actually missing out on
and how much you truly mean to me and how much 
you changed me. i know you have heard most of this beforee
but this time baby i actually mean it. i have never felt this way
about anyone ever in my entire life. right now i am writing this to you
at 12:56 am on a school night and i have been crying sense i layed
my head in bed sense 9 oclock.i looked through all of our conversations when you
told me that i was your favorite girl and that you never wanted to loose me
but i swear if you give me one more chance ill do anything , anything
to take this pain away . to give you what you wantt . i miss you terribly .
and hopefully someday i might actually have the 
 t t o y o i s l e t e r<|3.

hey say love will keep us alive
hell no it's killing me

so, i was on witty. looking at the top quotes and stuff like that. and i noticed.
a lot of the quotes are all pretty and dolled up. & have a lot of likes or favorites.
so im guessing, a lot of people, not saying everyone, likes them because they're all pretty?
well, if you people do like them just because they're pretty.
then get the f***off this site :) quotes have meaning behind them.

sorry...it was bugging me for a LOONGG timee.

comment- disagree, or agree.
fave if agree [x
the witty girl survey ♥
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[ ]i love justin bieber! 
x]nope, jonas brothers rock my world!
[ ]i like both JB
[ ]they both suck 
x]taylor swift is amazing
x]i am a fan of LADY GAGA 
x]my nails are painted right now 
x]i have lots of bii/gay friends.
x]i'm bisexual. 
x]i'm a beatles fan!
[ ]i hate chocolate
x]^^^ are you kidding? chocolate is amazing
[ ]i'm team jacob
x] hell no! team edward!
[ ]ewww i hate twilight!
[ ]i think taylor lautner is cute

[x]i make quotes based on what really happens in my life
[ ]my quotes are mostly song lyrics
[ ]i'm religious
[x]i like michael jackson
[ ]megan fox is HOT : Haha Sure :D
[ ]i straighten my hair almost everyday.
[x]i have a boyfriend
[ ]nope, I have a girlfriend ;)
[ ] i'm single and loving it!
[ ]i'm single and not loving it
[x]i have lots of blonde moments all the time
[ ]blue is my favorite color
[ ]the notebook has never made me cry
[x]i saw new moon when it came out
[ ]i can not eat un-buttered popcorn because it tastes weird
So long my luckless romance.
My back is turned on you.
Should've known you'd bring me heartache.

almost lovers always do

 all you need is a soft blanket   
ben&&jerry chunky monkey icecream
and a walk to remember playing over&&over again on your tv
to make it all better (:
-my bestfriend <333
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