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    kay see I do like you, like i like like you ha, but its just the same thing as before if we date its gonna be so diifucult, like ur mom n brothers, n u n I would barely get to like hang out without worryin bout people seein us, n we barely see each other like u go to middle school n i go to high school, n If we started dating i would like wanna be with u a lot u know but it would be very hard, n ugh i hate that whole situation n so many other things n i like really dont know what to do, u act like i'm purpusly like playin mind games with u or w.e but its not like that at all...

&`d i will love yuh always and forever

isn't about finding yourself
it's about creating yourself
into who you want to be <33
-whyd you kiss me?-
-was it to play around?-
-was it to make yourself feel better?-
-was it to make me fall in love with you?-
-was it to hurt me?-
-was it to make me cry?-
-was it to make that girl jealous?-
because thats what happened... thats what your kisses caused..
now tell me boy why did you do it? sometimes you seem to be joking around while other times you seem to make those kisses come from your heart..
each kiss alwaysz meant something different... some brought pain and tears while others brought love and happiness... boy i know you dnt care about my feelings but please all im asking is for one explanation... just one that explains to me and to my heart what you meant with those kisses???

click the heart plzz!!!
jockers will be prosecuted!!! lolzz jay kay
*im serious*

I need an easy friend.
I do, with an ear to lend.
- Nirvana

why is it that im always the one who loses everything?
...my friends...
...pretty much everything important...

i miss my friends;
the bond we had;
now its all gone and i dont know why; 
          what did i do?
              can i fix it? 
                  will we ever be a whole again?

<3 love always, sarah <3

If I could tell you one thing
  I guess it would be that
I love hearing your voice
That your smile just happens to
Brighten my {entire} day......

not mine ;)

Y o u  M a k e  M e  W a n n a
Sing You A Love Song
&+ ii F0UND 0UT


 & after all that time chasing after you. 
i got you. 

guess what, it wasn't that great. (:

good girls are just bad girls,
♥                                                                                 W H O   H A V E N ' T    B E E N   C A U G H T .
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