Quotes added on Thursday, February 4 2010

a room full of people;
yet i feel as if im a l o n e.
invisible to myself
& invisible to everyone else.

100% mine!
credit goes to me
no i dont, 
lose my viginity at 14 
have a senoir boyfriend 
smoke weed to look cool 
drink to hookup with you and not know it 
cause i have respect for myself.

and plus. i am just me:)

creeediiittt pllleeeaaassee <3!

i wont forget you....
                                                          but im pretty sure......
youll forget me.....
 cuz my daddys got a bat.........  

better find a helmet:D

i might cry
i might lie
i might hide
but im stronger now..
so i sure wont die

she think's you look at her in the halls
she is scared to talk to you
she really wants to talk
she really wants a hug
she try's to not cry at night
she try's not to struggle
she try's to dry her eyes at night
all she does is fight

something that is happening right now to me advise???
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Like You Miss Me
Cause I Know That You Do

get back by demi lovato
This {secret}
Could make or   b  r  e  a  k us
With both our hearts on the line
A lot could be *lost*
A lot could be gained
Just keep on --->holding on<---
For me.....

vent i guess
all mine no jocking :)

girl in love with a


Im going to smile,
and make you think I’m happy, 
Im going to laugh,
so you don’t see me cry,
Im going to let you go in style,
and even if it kills me -- 
Im going to smile.
Two   --- Weeks ;;;;                                 ;;;;                                  
       that's all it took
Two  Weeks   for   me  ,, 
to fall for you.
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