Quotes added on Friday, February 5 2010

                             A .T. P
honestly, i dont care anymore!
and you stopped awhile back..
But   if   w  ar wise,
we know that there's

a l w a y s  tomorrow.
Love like Its All
you’ve got. Because maybe, it is.  //

"I just can't say g o o d b y e yet."
- P.S I love you.

& There's this guy..
and he's totally awesome,
he goes to all of my basketball games,
he's really smart, 
he's so nice,
we talk all the time,
he's funny and sweet,
and he's just MY FRIEND

sorry venting.
that'd be cool
if you faved (:

I faked a smile so nobody will know I just cried.

laying awake in bed.
Praying no one will hear my cries. My life is all wrapped up in
 lies, wi
th no one to believe in. What happened to us?
We were kissing and loving.. it all ended with
you leaving. Baby let me ask you again,
- - - - - -What happened to us?;xo.


 i remember when we were 3, the way you would feel better is if your mommy kisses it

Now, we use blades
Live Life to its Fullest.
No one Makes it Out Alive Anyways.//♥

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