Quotes added on Saturday, February 6 2010

Don't you H.A.T.E it when
you're the last one left in class after the bell rings
and the teacher starts talking to you?
You don't even know how much
you're hurting me.
Let's be optimistic....

I'm a freshman, and I'm not gonna lie,

I love it. Everybody kept telling me in middle

school, "The drama will be so much worse

in high school." Well, either they lied, or I'm lucky,

but I've had practically no drama. There's been

all these great new guys who I get along with,

and more girls to pick from for friends. Everyone

warned me high school would be worse, but,


Does anybody here
wonder why
we say
when we
take a [[picture
Starting today,
I'm living life to the fullest.I'm going into this
summer with no regrets. No more looking back at middle
school wishing it had of gone differently. I now realize that
e v e r y t h i n g  t h a t  h a s  h a p p e n e d  i n  m y  l i f e
has made me the young woman that I am happy to say that
I am today. Yes, I have my faults, but don't we all? I've decided
to learn to love my faults. Because, starting today, I'm going

to love my life.
 ***she believed him *** </3 
sometimes you have to read in between the lines...
No guy
is worth your tears.
And the one who is
won't make you
 They always Say That Chocolate Ice Cream Will Heal A Heart But Trust Me I have Tried It.
⇒Fine ; 
♦I'll admit it♦
I burst into tears
The second I got your text
And can't help but sobbing
Every time you sign on


a must see movie
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