Quotes added on Tuesday, February 9 2010

Somewhere between all
of our laughs, long
little fights
and all of our jokes

I fell  in love  with you
 My heart is broken...
you just left without saying goodbye 
and you won't even talk to me...
I've tried fighting for you but
I don't think I can do it anymore
My heart is broken...

I haven't seen you
smile (:
in oh so long.

I kinda really miss it.
Oh, and I miss you even more

some people wait a lifetime
for a moment like this...
some peope search
for that one special kiss.
oh i can't believe it's happening 
   to me some people wait a lifetime for a

 moment like this.
Life is just a game we lost.
Am I the only person that realizes when it rains something bad happens?

So there's this boy...
he's got the most gorgeous eyes i've ever seen=]
he knows just how to make my day
he can make me laugh at nothing, even when i'm in the wost mood
he understands me <3
he makes me feel beautiful
thinking about him gives me butterflies
everything about him is amazing =]
bottom line, he's my everything.
I love you baby.

who has those days where all you want to do is curl up with sad music and a pillow and cry?

thats been my whole month of february so far. fml.
sorry its not pretty. :/
 //You dont know the half of it.//
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