Quotes added on Wednesday, February 10 2010

she acts like summer && walks like rain.

Everytime I see them together it hurts me more &+ more everytime.
You cry yourself to sleep.
You write quotes about him all the time.
Do you think that he does the same thing about you?

i planned to say all these terrible things to you,
but in the end i just want to tell you i miss you.
iloveyou and i want to know if you still love me ?

 today we talked a lot
btw i love her more than anything in the whole world
<33333333333333. Happy Wednesda
y Baby<3
*_So keep you feet off the ground_*
&your head in the sky
because one day soon it will just pass you by
~take the risk~
*jump than fall*
because if you don't, you're stuck to crawl
don't wonder how you can be better
just wonder why your so amazyiging
=)because eveyone needs some sunny weather (=
In the mist off all this

I don't know what you consider us, sometimes I feel like were friends, sometimes it feels like were more then friends, but other times it feels like I dont know you at all.
 I'Ve Gotten to the Point Where
I Don't Want to Go to Bed
Because reality has become better
then my wildest dreams <3

Flower Girl 1.11.10 <333333333333333
You say were both little people&&you like it that way
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