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 I only wish...
That I had a friend who called me everyday;
Sat with me in every class we have together;
Teased me;
Trusts me and that I trust back;
Memorized everything about me;
Was there to hold my hand when I cried;
Was there to jump up and down with me when I'm happy;
Loved me enough to hug and do EVERYTHING with me...

I only wish. But I guess I'm not good enough? I don't think I ever will be... </3


flip floppin:show stoppin

gossip talkin:high heel stompin 
booty Droppin :heart stoppin 

bubble poppin:jaw droppin 

pizza choppin:concert rockin

eye lockin:beat boxin 

boyfriend swappin:outlet shoppin 

photo croppin:show stoppin

Best Friends Forever 

Never Stoppin

It's weird how you go from being strangers to being
friends to being lovers to being 
strangers again
       so fast.

Got the quote from HopelessNoey

 Am I the only one that believes sock monkeys have feelings? Cuz I swear I saw that thing smile && frown a few times <3

Click the <3 if you agree ;]

HaTiN oN mE?! giirL im madd friendly ...but lyke Fat Joe said... JEALOUZ ¨ONEZ ¨STILL ¨ENVY

Boy: Girl, I promise we"ll be togeter for ever
Girl: I hope so(:

Boy: Sorry I found someone else
Girl: So we're over?
Boy: Yeaa, sorry
Girl: What happened to forever?
Boy: Sorry I gotta go, bye.

**** Boy logs off***




 The worst break up is over a text or message.
Forever is never true to a guy\:


they say that good things take time  
                                           but really great things happen in a blink of an eye ♥

Thank you to Everlong for the blink code [;
    the truth is ;  i miss you a lot.
    i miss the way we were best friends
    i dont know why it isnt like that anymore
    there's absolutely no
reason at all.
    i just wanna be able to call you
all the time
and have random unplanned sleepovers
and stay up all night taking crazy pictures
    and telling each other
absolutely everything
    i miss talking to you like that and hanging out
    we just never
see each other anymore
    and its killing me inside because i need you
    and i havent
realized that until right now
    when im always t h i n k i n g  about how we used to be
    how we were best friends forever.

    and yeah we get into arguements
    but that has made us closer, not farther
    i want things to go back to the way it used to be
so why is it like this?
    why are we living like this ?

nooot minneee  . ree editeed.
 At the top of your lungs
wanting to burst out:

Why do you like to hurt me?



sometimes all we need is love to
 get us through our day,
no matter if its your family or friends
you know you have it ,
and its make you smile and live on,
but everyone also need that one type of love
that wakes you up in the morning,
that makes you weak in the knees,
and even if that type of love dosent last forever
, you can still say you have that
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