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what if friends were payed?
on a regular basis the people who influence someone in life were payed for just being there&being a friend.
would you be broke , wealthy , or in debt?

the one broke would be giving as much as they receive. so if a friend did a nice favor for them, they'd return it. thats good right ? but they never go the extra mile for someone

the one that is wealthy would receive a good amount of money , but not give any out. a lot of people look to this person but they don't give anything out.

the one in debt gives so much money away to those who help them , but no one gives this person anything. a lot of people influence this persons life , but don't recognize it and do anything for them.

and you know what the sad part is ? this is how it really works..
Today my grandpa told me that he had just gotten a really good blow-job. I didn't realise he was talking about a hairdryer.
> . Awkward . <

Haha i found this funny. (: Found it ona website , not MLIA or FML.
I    take   my   time   to    come    here,
make  quotes on venting  about my  problems,
but then I see someone else has felt my pain
and I don't feel a   l   o   n   e anymore.

yay mine. :)

we're best friends cause
god   k  n  e  w   that  neither  of
our  mothers  could  handle  us
as  sisters. ily.  Y
 I've been smoking the 
green since i was nearly 16 .
It seems all of these words couldn't be further from the truth How did I get here? What did I do? Your eyes, telling me lies And making me find myself So please, Let me be free from you. And please, let me be free I can face the truth. I'm blind to all of your colors That used to be rainbow then My eyes, where did the go to? Why disappear?
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I'm Not Okay
(I Promise)

my chemical romance
I  love  him  but i cannot  sho it.
I want him but he cannot know it. I need him but I know it'll never be.
`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· (i f         o n l          h         n e e d e d        m e .) `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·  

all credit goes to:
I'm the type of girl
who knows her voice completely sucks , but will sing&&sing all day long
the type of girl who can cry herself to sleep, yet jump on her bed jamming out to disney songs the next day
the type of girl who makes her boyfriend stay on the phone for hours, reading witty quotes and explaining each and every one until he actually understands how much boys can hurt girls
I'm the type of girl who doesn't care what anyone says, I don't care if I look stupid, I'm having fun
I'm me, love me or
hate me
either way
I'm living life to the fullest
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