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Why is it when i see you everything is
» i loved the way he hugged me a billion times,
and how he just grabbed my hand to lead me his way



                        |  that |  i'm | dreaming, | when | all | i | ever | wanted | was | to | dream | another | sunset | with | you. |

-Mayday Parade.

            NOT A FIGHTER,
               BUT I WILL FIGHT                       FOR WHAT I LOVE...

I finally understood what true love meant;
*__________                        Love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own,
      r     w     l         s     u      e       t        e.

girls, can i ask you something?

everyone suffers heartbreak. everyone goes
through pain. have you ever been through
this horrible pain, though? have you ever
been stuck one weekend, not knowing
whether your boyfriend, your best friend,
is dead or alive, after falling into a fifteen
foot ditch? have you ever cut yourself,
not cause of heartbreak, just pure depression,
and only caused more emotional and
physical scars? have you ever been on
the phone with your boyfriend, who has
 an eating disorder, when he suddenly
blacks out after not eating for three days,
and falls down the steps? probably not.

have you ever felt this pain?

*i really dont mean to offend you, i'm just venting. <3 *

So tell me darling do you wish we'd fall in love?
 f A T E*, decides who
[enters your life.]
*A C T I O N S decides who stays in your life; but there is no point in trying to
*RUSH* fate---because the best things in life are worth that w a i t

                 L e t   e v e r y o n e   k n o w   t h a t    t o d a y    y o u ' r e    s t r o n g e r   t h a n      y o u     w e r e    y e s t e r d a y.

un baby, run.
                                  don't ever look back. they'll tear us apart       x      if you give them the chance.                          

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